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Jun 24, 2011 - Download Asus WLAN Wireless Driver for Windows 7. OS support: Windows 7. Category: Networking. ASUS Laptop Drivers Download & Update By Sophie Luo – Last Updated: 7 months ago Driver Download ASUS 0 Comment Downloading and updating drivers for desktops could be so much different from that for laptops: the later has more accurate demands for the drivers required for its working environment.

Download the latest versions of ASUS drivers for Windows 10. The list includes Smart Gesture, ATK Package, Audio, Bluetooth, WLAN, LAN, Graphics, Card Reader, USB Charger+, BIOS and more. After upgrading to on my ASUS notebook, I faced some issues like. So, I decided to update all the drivers and tools to the latest versions. In order to save you some time, I will post here the complete list with all the latest official drivers for Windows 10, since I had to search for every latest version through the ASUS support site. Notes:. Drivers included in the list are for Notebooks or Laptops.

Most of the drivers are ZIP files. To install them, extract the content to a folder and look for the Setup.exe file. If you get the message “Another version of this product is already installed”, you need to uninstall the old version and then install the new one.

If you don’t find your driver,. Notes:. Some Intel drivers provided by ASUS are related to a specific Intel chipset.

So, if the driver file name contains words like Skylake, Broadwell, Braswell or Bay Trail be sure to check which chipset do you have before installing it. I included chipset lists in the. A user with a UX32VD (Ivy Bridge chipset) reported to have CPU low frequency and overheating caused by the Intel DPTF driver for Skylake. The solution was to downgrade to the Windows 8 version of the DPTF driver corresponding to his chipset. ASUS does not provide camera drivers for most of the models since the built-in camera can work well with Microsoft inbox driver ( ).

There is another application called ASUS Remote Link which also installs Smart Gesture and it is listed in Windows as ASUS Smart Gesture version 4.3.9. However, the version number does not correspond to Smart Gesture since the application has less features than the latest one. In addition, Mobile Control tab shows an older Server Version ( vs. So, if you want to use Remote Link I recommend you to install the latest Smart Gesture, go to the Mobile Control tab and check “Enable Remote Link in my PC”. The ASUS Splendid application is the same for all laptops but ASUS includes the corresponding ICM (Image Color Matching) files depending on the laptop model.

In order to use the latest version, you need to copy the ICM files for your laptop in the /data/ColorTable/ folder of the installer before running it. Go to the support site for your specific ASUS model, download Splendid and extract the ICM files from there. Intel is not releasing a specific Intel USB 3.0 driver for Windows 8, 8.1 or 10. Those systems have a native in-box USB 3.0 driver ( ).

Thanks for the updated drivers. I have Asus S400 and website shows atk 1.0.0039 with smart gesture 4.05 but I have found that scrolling long lists like pictures or music folder in file explorer with two fingers would cause scrolling to freeze / crash. Installed smart gesture 4.06 which shows improvement / longer before freeze / crash but still happens. I have now installed atk 1.0.0040 with smart gesture 4.09 from this page (cannot find anywhere on Asus website) and all working perfectly. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! THANK YOU SO MUCH! This finally worked.

I have an Asus Eee PC 1215B with Windows 10 64-bit. What I got to work: 1) The Sound keys came back after installing. 2) The Brightness control came back by following Inko’s guide above. Just one thing of note, on this pc there was no “KMDEnableBrightnesslf2” only the “KMDEnableBrightnessInterface2”.

Change that from 1 to 0, reboot and it works. 3) The Fn numpad only works IF you activate numLK. Notes: I did install ATK Package 1.0.0055 and KB Filter Still not working: Every-time when Windows ends booting, I get a message saying that the controller for the key for switching the touchpad is invalid.

Don’t know how to solve that one, but aside from the error there are no issues with the touchpad. Hello Ivan, I wonder if you have the latest bios for Asus N56VZ for windows 10. I upgraded from Windows 7 SP1 to Windows 10 and most things work. However, I cannot duplicate/mirror my laptop screen to external monitor even though I have updated Intel Video Driver and NVidia drivers to the latest. Also, there has been some issues where a specific program hangs.

I suspect bios but could not find any update for N56VZ at the Asus Support page and I did not wish to flash a windows 8.1 bios as I read that some people got a BSOD with that. Otherwise, thanks for compiling these drivers. They solved my touchpad problem! Thanks for your efforts with this site!

Regarding this Intel Utility: it tells me I have a customised graphics driver so it cannot update (on a 10 month old Zenbook NX500). Tried manual updates by unzipping the latest Intel driver and selecting it in device manager but also refuses to install telling me I have the ‘latest version’ installed. The driver however is one from windows 8.1 and it crashes frequently. Asus does not provide a graphics driver update for my laptop and their support staff tell me I should just go back to Windows 8!

Any thoughts or tips on solving this? I would like to force the install of the latest generic driver just to see if it improves the situation. I too was having issues with usb 3 drivers on my even older Asus motherboard P8Z68-V-Pro with very slow transfer speeds I deleted the usb 3 ports and installed the AsMedia USB3.0 Driver (V1.16.29.1) Which worked very well for me after a reboot double the speed of the win 7 drivers. I’d give it another try and see. Great site Ivan all I need is for you to do the same for my Samsung series 4 laptop as Samsung have washed their hands of any windows 10 upgrades and the have stopped making laptops heh. Thanks for your help in creating this website with all the drivers! I had some issues with trying to install the Bluetooth and Wireless LAN drivers with my Asus Zenbook Prime UX31A.

I have the following driver versions: 1. Bluetooth Driver – Intel 18.1.1525.1445 2. Wireless LAN Driver – Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6235 When I downloaded the specific drivers for Bluetooth and Wireless LAN that you have listed, and double clicked the setup.exe file, it appears that the driver did NOT update.

Any special steps I need to do to get these to update properly? Thanks, Asif.

InstantOn did not solve it. Its strange cause every time I open the lid (after manually restarting, hibernating, closing the lid with any advanced power settinganything) I get the ASUS boot splash screen and then it will cut to the Windows10 lockscreen. Why does it show the ASUS screen? Do you think the drivers changed a Windows Setting? Any idea what driver may have caused this so I can start rolling them back on-by-one? Thanks for all the help Ivan, the site has made it super simple to go to W10 (save for this one frustrating hangup).

Hey Mark, I am having the same issue as well when I close the lid. Tried reinstalling Windows even. Still the issue persists. Tried contacting Microsoft and ASUS customer support. Asus service guy came, checked my brand new ROG GL552JX and said the issue will be fixed after a mother board replacement. Anyone please help.

This issue is making me go insane. I can’t use the Sleep functionality anymore. @Ivan, Thanks a lot for the drivers:). Everything works, except the Splendid video technology. Everytime I install that, I get an error message stating “Unable to install ASUS Splendid Video Enhancement Technology, (error number: Could not find ICM file, installer will be cancelled.)! Hey Mark, I got my issue fixed 🙂 I had already called the ASUS technical support team, they sent a guy to check the issue and he said that the motherboard needs to be replaced.

But when the support guy came with the motherboard, I asked him to reflash the BIOS (I could’ve done it, but didn’t do it as my laptop was brand new). He upgraded the BIOS to the latest version, installed the graphics drivers (Intel and Nvidia) from ASUS support site and voila! The sleep issue is gone. Now Hibernate and Sleep are working fine.

But the black screen upon restarting still exists (looks like a windows 10 and driver issue I guess). The issue doesn’t come when the system is shut down and turned on again. Hope this will solve your issue as well. It might be a corrupted BIOS setting that’s causing the issue or the drivers!

Will these drivers work with any Asus laptop? I had tried an in place update to Win10 64 bit from Win7 64 bit but would have freezes and lock ups and boot issues, with my ASUS K72JK notebook. It would also take long to boot into. I chatted with ASUS on line and they said it sounded like a hardware issue, but it was working fine in Windows 7. They repeated that they felt 10 was not supported as they would have updated the drivers.

I had checked the memory with windows memory diagnostics before the clean install and it was clean and the Sea Tools program said my drive was in good health and chkdsk did not find any issues. I have returned to Windows 7 via the recovery and two days in, not one lock up. I wonder if an update to Win 10 NOW will keep all the needed drivers. Thanks for any advice on whether to use some of your driver links or not because basically ASUS says if it is not listed for the notebook, don’t upgrade to Win 10. My K72Jk and my M4A785TD-V EVO PC motherboard both don’t show any 10 drivers. I have not tried doing the PC and afraid to after what I went through with the notebook. Mark, I have the same problem (Asus K72JK).

Updated to latest drivers, changed to SSD and laptop work great but it freeze constantly (also it happened with the HDD). I know that is not due to drivers.

It is some service activated randomly (mostly when a mouse is connected via USB). Try to deactivate all non windows drivers and restart. It last almost one month without issues (but sometimes happens again). Then start in troubleshoot mode and mswindows, deactivate services and reactivate again. Don’t know how to track which service is having this problem, but it is a temporary solution until I discover what’s going there.

PS: I have made almost all the tutorials that I have seen in the web with no results. Ivan and Tom, this may help others with this model. I went back to trying an in place upgrade from Win7 with the Asus K72JK. I installed all the drivers, the ATK package seems to connect allot of dots that I did not have the first time.

However, it still locked up after the first reboot. Doing some searching I noticed an unrelated post about how Bios can get corrupted over time. I started to wonder about the bios. It was the only thing not changed even with a clean drive and as Tom stated, he had a new SSD and it failed. So I downloaded BIOS 207 which was the latest. I put it on an USB stick and rebooted into the bios. I used EZ Flash and installed a fresh copy of the BIOS.

It has been 5 days now. NO LOCK UPS!!! I am not shouting, I am cheering! I have done dozens of reboots, wake from sleep, wake from hibernation, cold starts. All going into Windows 10 as it should.

I have been checking error event logs and nothing critical. There are errors but not one hard drive error like it told me the first time I started the process. So I would suggest to just refresh the BIOS with new copy after installing 10.

Qualcomm Atheros drivers fixed a problem that started when I upgraded to Windows 8 and continued through Windows 8.1 and now Windows 10. My ASUS Notebook would regularly freeze. I spent hours sorting out the freezing problem that was fixed after I disabled my Qualcomm Atheros Gigabit adaptor. I just installed the drivers from your link and the install re-enabled the Qualcomm Atheros Gigabit adaptor. My Notebook is working perfectly with Ethernet attached. You have done an amazing job pulling all this info together.

Oh sorry, I must have misread your earlier post re 4000 vs 4600:) I saw the Microsoft fix (option 1-regedit) on another site and was a little reluctant but feel a little better about it now. I do have the latest NVIDIA and yes, the error did say it was the Intel, not the NVIDIA. I’m actually just going to bookmark everything for now with that latest Intel driver installed and see how it goes. If the issue repeats again, I’ll try the regedit fix.

Meanwhile, I’ll keep an eye on WU too and see if it overrides the Intel driver. Thanks again! I have UX32VD (came with Win7 and HDD, now swapped for an SSD) and it works ok with Win10. I use only drivers from Windows Update, with the exception of these 3: – ATKPackage from this site – Power4Gear Hybrid for Win8.1 – from this site – newer Intel VGA driver (Intel driver update) I don’t use any other utilities, because they are either not needed in Win10 (keyboard device filter, Asus Wireless switch), or useless (for me) (Asus Splendid, Instant On, USB Charger, Intel Rapid stuff, Asus Live update, Intel WiDi), or could cause serious problems (ExpressCache).

I had to update BIOS to v214 (my model is UX32VD, not UX32VDA!!!), because BIOS v206 was not working well with Win10 (backlight control, bootup speed). Other questions: Is by any chance your internal Sandisk iSSD failing (the 24GB one)? Have you downgraded the Intel Dynamic Platform and Thermal framework driver (DPTF) to v6.x or v7.x for Win8.

It is needed for powermanagement to work. Hi all, since the latest Win10 Build update of 8th of March, on my ASUS PRO B551LG my battery does not work anymore. Windows says it is well fully charged with the full icon on right corner, but clicking on it I can read: “this battery is not available for use”. It sounds like Windows is not able to use it again. I tried to uninstall the battery APCI compliant drivers and reinstall but nothing changed.

I did not try to uninstall the Microsoft AC adapter driver because I’m afraid it will definitely kill the PC to boot. Can somebody help on this matter? I opened a ticket on ASUS Support and the only thing they propose me is to send back the complete PC and they will reformat it to Win8.1! Thanks Ivan, for this awesome work. Just want to give a heads up for people with a X552LD, like me. I needed to downgrade the Intel Management Engine Interface to the Windows 8.1 driver version, so my laptop was able to properly shutdown. Also, since I installed a Samsung 850 SSD on my laptop I’ve been unable to use “sleep/turn off screen” power save options.

I’ve searched all over the internet, I’ve tried 1001 things (like turn off hibernation, change power settings, etc), but nothing seems to work. I had to simple turn all the power saving options to never.

Have you heard of such problem? Asus can only dream with such an up-to-date and organized site like yours. Fantastic job!! I own an Asus ROG G750JS and I decided it was time to update some stuff. At the moment, I’m updating all Asus Apps ( Backtracker, WinFlash, etc ) to last version.

I have a question tough Reading through the comments, I notice you said ATK Package can be used in any Laptop, but my question is, what about Splendid? Anyway, I’ll leave my contribution to this great site here. You are missing Asus GPU Tweak App, in your site.

Do notice that there’s 2 versions of this App, one for ROG Laptops with Optimus Technology (like my Laptop) and other for no-Optimus Laptops, and I believe this last one can be used with Asus Desktops as well. Also, USB Charger Plus has a new version 4.1.7.

Keep up the great work!! I already pointed some friends, that have Asus Laptops, to your very useful site. Hey Ivan, I can’t believe the work you’re doing here!!! I have been suffering a sleep mode bsod upon wake that sends me to the bios. I’m on an N550JV with an adata SX900 SSD as my only drive. My bios is the latest 208 and all drivers have been updated but the problem still persists. As if my drive simply disconnects when I put it into sleep mode.

I have been trying to get past this for a month now and can’t figure it out. Do you think there are any Asus factory programs and associated drivers I should install at this point? Hi there – so happy to have found this place: SHAME on Asus I must say!

Still, I have a problem: Installed Win10 from scratch on my Zenbook UX32LN. Everything is fine BUT the ambient light sensor is not working. Pressing Fn+A results in the OSD toggle message “on/off” but nothing happens. I can manually dim and brighten the screen, everything else seems to work. It is set to on in the energy profile I’m running, toggling it there does not help either.

In the Control Panel under Devices and Printers it tells me that there was a driver issue with the ambient light sensor, reinstall and reboot are offered but don’t help. In the device manager the sensor doesn’t show up (I don’t know if it should) not even inactive. Latest ATK Package is installed – does that actually contain a driver for the sensor? Never needed one under Win 8.1 after a clean install Thank you for your help! I’m having trouble finding the latest “Intel(R) Serial IO I2C Driver” for my GL502VT. Pretty sure there is an update by now, the driver on ASUS download page is a year old. The Intel site has one for Windows 10 but once downloaded the zip file says “For Braswell”.

It also looks like Intel removed all WiDi drivers from their page and no longer support that software and after the Win 10 Anniversary Update it keeps saying Windows uninstalled it but really didn’t until I manually removed it. The latest version I have of Intel WiDi is Can you help me out. Well, Ivan I’ve had no luck with ATK getting my backlight to work. I’ve uninstalled and installed 6 different ones, even for Windows 8.1 with no luck.

All other function keys work, except for F3 and F4. All other drivers seem up to date and laptop works great (Q502LA). On boot I don’t get any lights at all. If all the other keys work I doubt if it’s the keyboard.

Couldn’t find any settings in BIOS and Control Panel, and Device Manager show standard keyboard. Been about 2 months and it’s driving me crazy. Thank you for pulling this information together!

I was able to resolve two problems on my UX31A Zenbook Prime with the keyboard backlight not working after suspend/resume without restarting by upgrading the ATK Package, and improved the scrolling performance by upgrading the Smart Gesture driver. The Asus Driver and Tools support page has no Windows 10 OS selection for my four year old system. Your recommended drivers did the trick. I also got some additional features by upgrading the Realtek audio drivers. Hey Ivan, big fan of your work. I use your driver list often on clients notebooks to save time. I refurbish a lot of tablets and notebooks as well.

Asus has some strange ways about building a system and if you don’t know the tricks you will never figure it out. I have one that has me beat so I finally find something worth asking you. I have a business client who uses a lot of T100TAF transformers.

You know the 32bit UEFI 2 in 1s. Well one of his guys replaced a digitizer/touchscreen assembly in one of them and afterwards it seems like it lost sensitivity. Barely reacted. I know a fair bit about touch devices so I told him it’s probably a cheap replacement that just isn’t conductive enough through the glass/glue laminate etc, it isn’t the driver. Didn’t listen. So he went and ran this ASUS touch panel Auto update Tool for T100HA on it.

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Those have completely different controllers. Odd thing is it worked, and it did up the voltage on the nodes, thus increasing sensitivity. It also swapped the X and Y axis and rotated the panel 180 degrees in relation to the display because the T100TAF doesn’t have a “tent mode” like the flip models. Anyway, how the heck do I reflash the touch controller. Assuming that a dump.bin from a different working unit would even work in this case without being able to calibrate it. Obviously Asus is no help here, they won’t even touch it, and SiS wants more than the darn thing even costs brand new to even talk.

I doubt anyone can help here but I’ll leave this in all the usual Asus hangouts and forums and see what happens. I have an Asus UX305C laptop which has started to freeze randomly and I keep having to reboot it.

I have the latest Windows 10 updates installed and also the latest drivers. Each time it freezes I see the following Event Id 7000 in the Event Viewer after rebooting: “The ASMMAP64 service failed to start due to the following error: The system cannot find the path specified.” I don’t know if this is the cause of the freezing problem. I’ve searched my laptop and was unable to find a file named asmmap64. Many thanks in advance for any help.

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