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Scored with some of the most melodic rock hits of the '90s, and most are included on this album, which, it seems, came out perhaps a little too early in the band's career. Brings together all their charted American hot 100 singles and chart-topping rock tracks, including the grunge-heavy rockers 'Shine' and 'Heavy,' the hook-laden 'December' and 'Precious Declaration,' the soaring 'The World I Know,' and the gorgeous 'Run' and 'Listen.' Beyond their major chart hits, however, the band scored an impressive number of rock radio hits, and some of those are accounted for, including the electric dance rocker 'Gel' and 'Why Pt. 2,' the only real hit from the album. What taints this otherwise engaging 52-minute collection, however, is that way too many hits are left off, including 'No More No Less,' 'Where the River Flows,' 'Smashing Young Man,' 'Untitled,' and 'Maybe,' and there is plenty of room for those songs on this album.

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Additionally, the inclusion of the non-hit 'Forgiveness' over the omitted tracks is somewhat bewildering. Finally, the album's two new tracks, 'Energy' and 'Next Homecoming,' easily rank as some of the most uninspired music has ever recorded. So, even though the hits are great, this collection proves more frustrating than anything else, and leaves one hoping that next time they'll get it right.

As a final note, the hard to find soundtrack single 'She Said' is also (thankfully) included.

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