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Please Log in / Register to view this link 0.7.129 Changelog:. QuestyRobo’s victory scene for the Stormguard male has been added to the game.

A new shop has been added to Korg’ii Hold – Warm Crusts. Includes an NPC written by Doots that sells a few bits of barbarian-themed lingerie and a traveling cloak.

Jun 08, 2016  Trials in Tainted Space special names and cheats? Sign in to follow this. Trials in Tainted Space special names and cheats? By daedal, May 28, 2016 in Adult Gaming. Recommended Posts. Daedal daedal positive asstronomer. There is a save editor you can download here.

Added new accessories to Dr. Badger and Emmy’s shops that fire off a damage pulse when your shields go down, once per combat. Cleaned up some combat code that prevented certain procs from occurring when an attack’s damage was tagged to display “minimal” output. They now occur, though perhaps textlessly. Kiro found Kally’s panties. 0.7.128 Changelog:.

Savin’s mini-xpack for Kaede has been rolled into the game, courtesy of another fan-coder. Savin Makes a Post Edit: The new xpak is some Exhibitionist content for Kaede.

If you’ve already done her events you’ll need to grind her voyeur threesomes or tease options to unlock it. Once you do, there’s new scenes for Canadia and Tavros. I’ve gone through the main Uveto folder and attempted to bring the planet up to compliance with our new vaginal plug stuff. Both Pippa and the SubTuner are disabled outright for plugged folks.

The former had some complex scene routing that didn’t handle a lack of genitalia well, and I was burning out by the later. If you want to do petplay, don’t plug up your orifices! Click to expand.0.7.130:. Centaurs don’t get enough love, so I added a centaur-only scene to Ula’s options. Tentacle-tails also don’t get enough love, and you guessed it: Ula has a scene for them now.

New busts: Ula and Paige. Paige can now be dismissed or picked back up. It looks like Jacques00 added the broodmother perk from an NPC pregnancy on Tarkus. This will likely be reverted in the future. If we do a broodmother thing, I’d prefer it be tied to a sufficient amount of ANY pregnancy, not just one. Kiro found Urta’s panties.

Thanks Palp as always for the upload! A bit of a tangent, and this question is to anyone, but. Out of curiosity, is there a reason people don't use something like bakaloader2 for flash games? I originally got it with an MnF package. Now I've used it for years for all my flash files and never had any issue with it, functions just as a flash player would. Is the actual flash player, player just a better option that I'm ignorant about?

I've noticed a lot of people asking how they can run stuff on their desktop. Works for all.swf files and even has a frame navigator for some flash files. (Not knowledgeable enough to know why some do and don't, probably something to do with how it's formatted and maybe even to keep assets from being taken.). Healing items have all been put on the same once-per-combat cooldown. B’s Nenne has been partially added to the Korg’ii Hold. Her lewder interactions aren’t yet in place, but a limited selection of inventory has been added. Nenne sells Aphro Daisies (consumable combat lust grenade), a healing poultice (H.P.), and an early version of Korgonne Snacks (Transformation Item).

Korgonne Snacks feature a combination of existing canine transformation effects and new, racially-specific bits to achieve the desired look. The following effects are known to be missing: blue tongue and korgonne race detection. Fixed an issue with Ula’s first time meeting assuming the PC has no genitals if they have a blocked vagina even while they have a penis.

Doctor Badger
CreatorAbe E. Seedy
Nickname(s)The 'Good' Doctor
AliasThe Doctor
OccupationMad Scientist, Drug Vendor
  • 4Interactions
    • 4.6Quests


Doctor Badger is a curvy, bimbo-shaped badger-morph who can be found in a shady, run-down shack , with a sign labeled “Doctor Badger’s Free Clinic”. The 'clinic' is east-most from the Lower Stairwell in Novahome, and across from Colenso's Junk. It is later discovered that the clinic is actually her 'Bimbotorium'.


There’s someone there, holding you easily up against the door with one hand and leering as they do so. It doesn’t take much to figure out that this must be Doctor Badger; with black fur covering their plump, curvy body except for the white muzzle marking her as a mustelid. The tight-fitting white nurse’s shirt they’re wearing not only presents them as some sort of medical professional, but also highlights the bulging breasts that show her up as enthusiastically female. She notices you looking, and while one red-gloved hand keeps you pressed firmly against the wall, the other casually points your head downwards, where you soon see she’s not wearing any pants. This lets her frankly massive black cock and balls hang down freely from her crotch, her shaft decorated rather than concealed by the odd half-sleeve featuring a red and white cross wrapped around it. The only other clothes she’s wearing are a pair of red thigh high boots, which match nicely with the long sleeved gloves you can still feel pressing against your skin. The whole effect of her outfit and demeanor does rather scream “mad doctor”, although “madly perverted” probably seems a little more accurate.

History/Personality/Information of Note

Being a mad scientist, Doctor Badger's goal appears to be creating bimbo pets out of unsuspecting patients by ambushing them inside her Bimbotorium. Though not part of her normal procedure, when she is encountered, she has her mind set on turning Captain Steele into a copy of herself, stating that she 'liked the idea of a slutty badger bimbo running around the galaxy, fucking new and exciting people.'

Adding to this, she obviously has an inclination to not abide by the law; as such, part of her sales menu also includes illegal items like Dumbfuck.

She is known to have engineered the SSTD 'Furpies', an insidious viral mod that not only slowly transforms its host into an animal morph (cat, dog and horse strains exist so far), but spreads from their body to infect others, resulting in dramatic, wide-scale chains of transformation wherever the disease has an outbreak. She claims she did so in response to 'fursecution', the systemic prejudice-fueled persecution of anthromorphs, but whether this 'fursecution' existed outside of her own deranged mind is unclear.


Dr. Badger will sneak up and pin Captain Steele upon entering her shack for the first time. Otherwise, she can sell to and buy items from Steele.

Steele can also use her Clinic for special services, like removing certain parasites (cunt snake).

It is possible to report her illegal operation to the U.G.C. Peacekeepers, namely Penny. After doing so, Dr.Badger's shack will be shut down and locked from any further interaction.

After encountering the Nym-Foe and being inflated by her Silicone it is possible to request entry into the gynoid's storage location and use vats of Silicone to artificially inflate some of your body parts.

Doctor Badger can also be requested to 'upgrade' the player's Siegwulfe. This will increase Siegwulfe's attack power and grant her the ability to deal tease and physical attacks, but also pervert her body and personality into that of a Hyper-Futa-Bimbo-Dominatrix.

Forced Transformation

The billionaire full movie sub indonesia. Dr. Badger has a 'patented bimbo-making machine'. To use it, she will ask if Steele is a hero after her planned ambush.

'You’re not one of those… hero types, are you?”

  • Yes - Tell the Doctor that you're a hero. This might be a bad idea.
  • No - You're pretty sure telling her no would be the best way to keep your cerebellum intact.

If refused the first time, this option is available on revisits as long as Steele has not already used the machine and has not gotten the Ditz Speech perk (otherwise, that option's function will be forgotten).

  • Be Hero - Volunteer that you're a hero. After your first encounter with the Doctor, you're fairly sure this is going to result in some heavy brain-drain.

After accepting to be a part of her experiment whether you choose Be Hero or cunt snake removal, Steele will undergo the following changes:

Note: Chances are only for Cunt Snake removal.

Condition Change
Both Cunt Snake Removal and Be Hero
Note: with Be Hero all transformation have a 100% chance of occurring
  • Low thickness
  • 33% Chance
  • Increase thickness to 75
  • Leg count not equal to two legs
  • 33% Chance
  • Grow/Merge legs until two legs
  • Genital position changes to waist
  • Legs become plantigrade
  • Legs are human
  • Has goo skin
  • 33% Chance
  • Change goo skin to normal skin
  • No breasts or breasts smaller than E-Cup
  • 33% Chance
  • Grow E-Cup to Big EE-Cup Breasts
  • 33% Chance
  • Multiple rows of breasts
  • 33% Chance
  • Breast rows merge into a single row
  • No penis
  • Largest penis is not very large
  • 33% Chance
  • If no penis, grow a penis
  • Main penis length becomes 11'
  • Change penis color to black
  • More than one (non-tail) penis
  • Penises merge into one
  • No balls or less than two balls
  • Testicles size not large
  • Low cum production
  • 33% chance
  • Grow balls until a pair
  • Balls size increases to 4' balls
  • Increase cum multiplier up to 60
  • Increase ball efficiency up to 120
  • More than two balls
  • 33% Chance
  • Balls merge into two total
  • Balls size increases with 50%
  • No vagina
  • Less than deep vagina
  • Less than constantly dripping fem cum
  • 33% chance
  • If no vagina, grow vagina
  • Vagina turns black in color
  • Vagina looseness increases to 2
  • Vagina bonus capacity increases to 20
  • Vagina wetness increases to 3
  • 33% chance
  • More than one (non-tail) vagina
  • 33% chance
  • Vaginas merge into one
  • No fur
  • Fur color is not black
  • 33% chance
  • Grow fur
  • Fur becomes thick and fluffy
  • Fur color changes to black
  • Non-succubus legs
  • 33% chance
  • Change legs to succubus legs
  • Legs become plantigrade
  • Feet becomes natural high-heels
  • Non-badger arms
  • 33% chance
  • Change arms to badger arms
  • Arms become furred
  • Non-badger face
  • 33% chance
  • Change face badger face
  • Face becomes muzzled
Be Hero exclusive
  • Non-lubricating asshole
  • Asshole wetness increases to 2
  • No tail
  • Non-genitalia tail
  • Multiple tails
  • If no tail, grow tail
  • If multiple tails, merge tails into one
  • Change tail to badger tail
  • Tail becomes fluffy and furred
  • Femininity under 75%
  • Femininity increases to 75%
  • LipMod under 1
  • LipMod increases to 1
  • Be hero
  • Taint increases by 10
  • Gain 10-40 Libido
  • Lose half your Intelligence
Cunt Snake Removal exclusive
  • Cunt Snake Removal
  • Taint increases by 4
  • Libido increases by 2
  • Remove all Tails
Perks (Be Hero exclusive)
Condition Change
  • No perk 'Easy'
  • Gain perk 'Easy'
  • No perk 'Inhuman Desire'
  • Gain perk 'Inhuman Desire'
  • No perk 'Breed Hungry'
  • Gain perk 'Breed Hungry'


Available Purchases
NameSell Price
Slut Ray1350
Advanced Slut Ray*3750
Mindwash Visor**15000
Red Rocket***5000

* Unlocked after successfully completing her job offer.
** Unlocks at level 6 or higher. Can only purchase one at a time.***Only available near the 4th of July

Dr. Badger will buy pill, potion, and drug items at 50% of the base price.

Silicone Stuffing

It is possible to inject your body with Doctor B's vats of cosmetic Silicone after completing Pexiga's uplift quest. Here's how it works: When used, it can be repeatedly injected into a body part increasing said part in size by a certain amount until it reaches it maximum value or until the player runs out of Silicone. Conversely, the player can have the Silicone sucked out to return the body part to its normal state. Additionally, while the Silicone is inside you, your body part won't decrease past a certain point depending on how much you have already injected. Furthermore, if the player so desires, they can purchase another Silicone Tank and have it installed on board their ship for easier use. The price varies based on how many other inventions have been broken and not repaired by the PC. These inventions are the Nym-Foe and the Dollmaker. If both of them are totaled then the price is 1,000,000 Credits. If only one invention is broken the price decreases to 750,000. If all of her inventions have been repaired the price is 500,000 credits. Alternatively, the player can volunteer for Dr. Badger's amusement to inject themselves with all the Silicone for about 1 in game week, during which the PC will be locked out of the Bimbotorium.

Condition Effect
Breasts (Single)
  • Breast size less than ZZZ-Cups
  • Increase breasts by 1 Cup sizes
Breasts (Multiple)
  • Largest breast size less than ZZZ-Cups
  • Hip size less than 20
  • Hip size increases by 1
  • Butt size less than 20
  • Butt size increases by 1
  • Lip size less than 3
  • Lip size increases by 1
Go Crazy
  • Not a Bimbo and has Silicone
  • Lip size increases by 3 and Breasts, Butt, and Hips increase by 10

Warning: Attempting to use the 'Go Crazy' option while being a Bimbo will result in aBad End. Using the 'Go Crazy' option on three separate occasions grants the Implant-tasticPerk. If the player also has the Black Latex perk or subsequently obtains it from Rubber-Made or the Doll Maker the perks will merge into the True Doll perk.

Condition Effect
Breasts (Single)
  • Has Silicone in breasts
  • Decrease breasts by 1 Cup size
Breasts (Multiple)
  • Has Silicone in Breasts
  • Decrease all breast rows by 1 size (each row adds one Silicone point)
  • Hip contain Silicone
  • Hip size decreases by 1
  • Butt contains Silicone
  • Butt size decreases by 1
  • Lips contain Silicone
  • Lip size decreases by 1
Total Suck
  • Body contains any Silicone
  • Removes all Silicone


Most of what is known about Dr. Badger and her personality and motives are contextual to when Steele encounters her. She currently does not have any extended talking options.


Doctor Badger currently doesn't have any repeatedly sex scenes but certain events can lead to one-off sex scenes. These events include: 'Be a Hero', 'Cunt Snake Removal', 'Jump Starting Pexiga's Brain', 'Get Eaten Out' (Only available during Doctor Badger's transformation to a bimbo scene).Doctor Badger does have repeatedly sex scenes if you turned her into a bimbo.

  • Get Blowjob - 'Make her get on her knees and suck you off like a good little bimbo.'
    • Requires a penis
  • Get Licked - 'Have a nice, long session with her muzzle buried in your pussy.'
    • Requires a vagina
  • Fuck Her Ass - 'Fuck this bimbo hard from behind.'
    • Requires a penis
  • Bimbo Sex - 'Like, totally have the most sex!'
    • Requires a penis, a vagina, and for the player to be a Bimbo


Dr. Badger has the following quests:

Doctor Badger's Job Offer

After meeting with Dr. Badger, it is possible that she will make a job offer to Steele. She will ask to Steele to bimbofy a person who she thinks will hinder her criminal activity, Penny. If Steele takes the job, Steele will receive the Bimbo Raygun from Dr. Badger. Afterwards, there are two ways of completing the task and both will lead to the same reward, albeit different results:

Bimbofy Penny:

  • Visit Penny and choose to Zap Penny.
  • Return to Dr. Badger for the reward.

Bimbofy Dr. Badger:

Bimbofied Doctor Badger
  • Visit Penny and choose to BadgerWarn and there will be an option to TurnInBadger or Turn Tables.
  • Choose to Turn Tables to have Penny confiscate the raygun.
  • After a day, Penny will notify Steele about the raygun.
  • Visit Penny and she will suggest going to Dr. Lash to reprogram the gun.
  • Visit Dr. Lash and ask him about Raygun? to reprogram it.
  • Return to Dr. Badger and Zap Her! and she will produce a reward. (Requires Steele to have genitals or is a Bimbo or Brute)


  • 3000 credits
  • Unlocks Throbb in Dr. Badger's inventory. (if Bimbofied Penny)

Note: If Steele has been transformed before by Dr. Badger in the Bimbotorium, Steele will constantly be reverted back into a badger form while on this quest. Also, the scenes will vary based on if Steele and Penny's transformation history.

NOTE OF WARNING: There are several items and events that require Doctor Badger to be present in her normal form. Moreover, Trials in Tainted Space regularly accepts community and fan submitted content in its development. Often times, Doctor Badger is frequently used as a vendor, central character, or plot device for these new additions. Generally speaking, transforming Doctor Badger into a bimbo or getting her arrested would be ill-advised unless the person playing the game is 100% sure that they greatly dislike Doctor Badger in her default form and all her associated fetishes, ((Forced) TF, (Forced) TG, BDSM, Mind Control, Bimbofication, Himbofication, Bimbos, Bros, Futas, Rape, Hyper, Latex, Petrification, Gravidophilia, Excessive Ejaculations, Excessive Lactation, Furries, Robots, Weird Science, Nurses) and is quite confident that within their current save that they never want their character to be a Badger-morph or have a character assume a very lust-centric build or moveset, as this is best accomplished through Doctor Badger. Or, unless the player is very confident that they have obtained every item, perk, and event completion that they will ever want or need until the game is completed already.

Pexiga's Uplift Quest

Dr. Badger can be spoken to about 'uplifting' the Pexiga to sentience, although currently, only Dr. Badger is willing to do so.

The steps to achieving this are as follows:

  1. Speak with Dr. Badger on Tarkus about the Pexiga.
  2. Confirm that you'd like Badger to work on the Pexiga. (The options given allow the Player to either bring the Pexiga then and there, or wait and bring her later. This is likely designed to allow Steele to speak with other possible choices for the Uplifting.)
  3. After choosing to bring the Pexiga to Badger, Steele will enter into the first of two new combat scenarios, the first being Nym-Foe. Losing to Nym-Foe will result in a Bad End.
  4. After defeating Nym-Foe, Steele is then directly pushed into the second combat scenario against the Doll Maker. Losing to the Doll Maker will result in a Bad End. Bimbos bypass this combat and instead have a choice to talk to Doctor Badger or Get Dolled. Choosing to get dolled will result in a Bad End
  5. After defeating both Nym-Foe and Doll Maker, Badger appears and sets to work on the Pexiga, progression through the scenes eventually yields the now sentient, although bimbofied, Pexiga, which Steele is then given the option to name. There is a one-time threeway sex scene with Doctor Badger, Pexiga, and Steele that Steele can opt out of.

After the quest, the player can explore the lab and find the ball that Doctor Badger used to bimbofy Pexiga. If the player decides to use the orb it will turn them into a bimbo and induce the following changes:

  • Get 'Ditz Speech' if they don't have it already
  • Butt size changes to 12 and hip to 8, unless the player is bigger, then no change
  • Tits turn to F cups unless player had a flat chest or is bigger, then no change
  • Intelligence turns 60%
  • -20% Willpower
  • Increase ball size if the player has them
  • Increase dick length by up to 10 inches if they have one
  • +5% Taint and 20 libido


  • Out-of-universe, Doctor Badger was added to the game as a direct reference to a fursona by the same name, a character obsessed with mad sexual science based on TFing, TGing and bimbofying, whose content Fenoxo enjoyed and was familiar with. Additionally, the artist/author 'Datbadger' wrote some of her scenes and drew her bust.
  • When Doctor Badger was first added to the game, in her initial encounter when she would ask if the PC was a Hero, she wouldn't explicitly say that she was going to bimbofy the PC if they were. This lead to many players who were unable to read between the lines to say yes and suddenly get bimbofied into a clone of Dr. B., before getting raped. Between this and the fact that you couldn't fight her or seek revenge at the time, many fans have labeled her as one of the worst characters in TiTS, up until the addition of Riya.
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