Do Data.grf Ragnarok

If you are using custom grf: Patch hexed exe to read multiple grf and remove read data folder first from default options. Prepare or edit data.ini and make your custom grf the first option. This guide will go over the basics of editing the RO client's data.grf file. There are several options which can be found at RateMyServer's tool.

Note: Gravity had closed the kRO Sakray server, you will no longer be able to patch your Sakray client. The Renewal server is now the new Sakray server. This means you will need to download the latest ready-to-play RO folder below. You should follow the instruction below and don't forget to run the Ragnarok and Renewal rsu patchers (as replacement to the original patchers Ragnarok.exe and RagnarokRE.exe) to patch your client to the latest. With this change, we no longer serve the installation EXE anymore. We now provide a download of the RO folder which is the result of a full installation and it is patched up to the date of release.

Please remember to follow the instruction given by your server, if the server specifically tell you to get Sakray then please scroll down to download Sakray 0325 (and the BGM & DLL packages). There are servers that are using the old Sakray client exe and might not work with the new Ragnarok/Renewal grf. Name Download Links Source kRO Client Folder (If any file is corrupted or link dead please contact us or report it in our forum, thanks) Usage Instruction:. These downloads contain content of a ready to play RO folder. There is no installation needed.

1) Download all 8 files: data.grf parts 1-5 (or the full data.grf in one file if available), the BGM pack, rdata.grf.rar and the dll pack which also contain the RSU patchers. 2) After you got all the files, put them in one folder and extract all the.rar files (normally at C: Program Files Gravity RO ). They should all be at the same level, see for example. When extracting the dll package, if you get errors, try extracting it with. 3) Run the two RSU Patchers in the RO folder ( rsu-kro-rag-lite.exe and rsu-kro-renewal-lite.exe by ) to patch your kRO and kRO Renewal data.

You will need to run these two patchers regularly to keep your client files up to date. Especially when you get sprite erorr or crashes during game-play. 4) Now you can install the client from the server you are going to play and then start playing. Never Installed RO: If your computer have never had a copy of any version of RO installed, you will likely missing some registry entries such as the default width and height of the game window.

If this apply to you, please try the solutions outlined. File Repair: a 2%4% recovery record is included in each of the part 1-5 data.grf rar. If any part of your file run into error during extraction, you can try to repair it by double clicking the erroring rar - Tools - Repair Archive.

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The resulting file will be prefixed with 'fixed', you should rename it to redo the extraction process. All files are the same in the following mirrors below, you can download different parts from different mirrors to minimize the delay from each sites.

DepositFile file folder, all 8 files. DepositFile 4Shared file folder, all 8 files. 4Shared Mega file folder, 8 files. Mega FileFactory - DO NOT download any EXE file from this host. FileFactory Hitfile file folder, all 8 files. Hitfile Links for data.grf in one file (this is the same as the part files put together) DepositFiles: 4Shared: Mega: FileFactory: Various.

MagicalTux - For GRFBuilder -StelTEchCor - For Unbollox -Diablo - For Ragnarok Renewel Compatibility Revision 52 -Skotlex - For Ultimate Basic GRF v1.2 -Premier, $ephiroth, & Doddler - For English Translations Revision 116 -OnNPlay & Elixer - For Full Data v3x6 -malufett, ipek, Theni, karl, and Vykimo - For 3rd Class Jobs And Skills Revision 75 -Monopoly - For 3rd Class Sprites And Palettes -Ryo-Kun - For 3rd Class Skill Descriptions -DiffTeam - For diff patches -K3dt - For his/her diff patcher -timecop - For GRFactory. Hello Yetsuki, disregard my account creation date, i have been with RO since the beginning, and I know ALOT about Private servers and i know alot about retail, Before Renewal. So getting to the point, i think it would value both of our causes if we worked together. I can make sprites, items, npcs, all that, but i have no resources anymore. So pretty much, we go 50/50. If i make something credit gets cut down the middle. What do you say?


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