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Digimon World 3 Freezes!! Discussion in 'PSP - Games & Content' started by Raiser, Jul 11, 2009. Digimon World 3 Save Files Psx Games. Yeah, they're enough, but that doesn't shake a sort of extreme nervousness and vulnerability that will keep you up at night.

This is the re uploaded version of the first memory card attachment which contains the following saves. Note: All save files are for NTSC UC region games only. EPSXE 001.mcr Contents 1. Tekken 3 - Everything Unlocked 2. Tekken 2 - Everything Unlocked 3. Street Fighter Alpha 3 - Everything Unlocked 4. Marvel vs Capcom - Clash of Super Heroes - Everything Unlocked 5.

Kensei - Sacred Fist - All Characters Unlocked, Extra Mode Running Bugi Unlocked 6. Ehrgeiz - God Bless The Ring - All Characters and Movies Unlocked in Fighting Game Mode 7. Tales of Destiny II - Have all Items,Weapons,Armors,Accessories,Key Items and Max Gald.Saved at the very beginning. Xenogears - Have All and Max quantity of consumable items and Max Gold - Saved at the very first save point 9.

Chrono Cross - Have All Key Items, All Elements, Max Gold and All 44 Party Members at first playthrough, saved at the very first save point (outside the world Map) 10. Final Fantasy Tactics - Have All items,Weapons,Armors,Accessories, and Max War Funds. Saved after Chapter 1 Introduction 11.

Final Fantasy VIII - Have All Items, All Cards, All Guardian Force, and Max Gil at the beginning. Saved at the very first save point. Final Fantasy IX - Have all Items,Weapons,Armor,Accessories, Max Gil, and All Cards Saved at the very first save point 13. The Legend of Dragoon - Start the game with all Weapons,Armors,Accessories,All Goods,and Max Gold.

Saved at the very first save point 14. Resident Evil 3 - Nemesis - Infinite Assault Rifle, Gatling Gun, Rocket Launcher,and Boutique Key Available in Item Box,All Weapon Acquired are Infinite Ammo and All Epilogue Pictures Unlocked 15. Forbidden Memories - Have All Cards, Max Starchips, All Free Duel Opponents Unlocked, Player Name: Yugi Link For The Memory Card File The Star Ocean second story and Clock Tower 2 game saves were replaced by two other titles due to some problems like (Star Ocean with all items but gold decreases overtime during play) (Never checked those problems before I uploaded it three years ago, but everything's okay now) I decided not to include the character max stat cheats on RPG games to retain the game's challenge. Forgot to mention that: In Chrono Cross, all 44 characters are not guaranteed to be in the party list up to the end of the game, some characters may disappear when you reach the part where Serge switches body with Lynx. If you encounter such problems you can post the problem in this thread and I'll try to resolve the problem as fast as I can.

P.S: If you need PCSX2 pnach cheats and memory card save files, you can check my thread here it's regularly updated. My Second Memory Card Save Collection Upload - All save files are for NTSC UC region games. EPSXE 002.mcr Contents 1. Battletanx - All cheats unlocked 2.

Red Alert Retaliation Allied Disc - All Levels Unlocked (General Ranking) 3. Red Alert Retaliation Soviet Disc - All Level Unlocked (General Ranking) 4. Crash Bandicoot - 100% Complete 5. Crash Bandicoot 2 - 100% Complete 6. Crash Bandicoot 3 - 100% Complete 7. Crash Team Racing - 100% Complete 8.

Digimon Rumble Arena - Everything Unlocked 9. Driver - All Missions Completed, All Codes and All Cities Unlocked 10. Driver 2 - Game 100% complete with all cheats unlocked. You can now toggle on/off Immunity and Invincibility and also have two extra tracks.

Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter - Everything Unlocked 12. Megaman X6 - All Weapons, All Life Tanks, All Heart Tanks, and 9999 souls for Mega Man X & Zero ranking UH. All parts and 128 of 128 Hunters Rescued.

Got Falcon, Shadow, Blade, Ultimate, Red Zero and Black Zero. Start on last stage.

Silhouette Mirage - all secrets and options accessed. Load the game to see all options 14. Gundam Battle Assault 2 - Everything Unlocked 15.

Parasite Eve 2 - Nightmare Mode save, right before battle with Eve. 100% kill, 0 Escapes, Pierce saved. Finish with everything unlocked and huge bonus. Link For The Memory Card File Enjoy! My third memory card save collection upload.

All save data contained in the card are for NTSC UC region games. EPSXE003.mcr contents 1.

Bloody Roar - Everything Unlocked 2. Bloody Roar 2 - Everything Unlocked 3. Samurai Shodown Warrior's Rage - Everything Unlocked 4. Fatal Fury Wild Ambition - Everything Unlocked 5. Tenchu Stealth Assassins - All Items and Levels Unlocked for both characters, All Levels have Grand Master Rank 6.

Tenchu 2 Rebirth of Stealth Assassins - All Items and Levels Unlocked including Tatsumaru 7. Parappa the Rapper - All Levels Unlocked 8. UM Jammer Lammy - All Levels and Effects unlocked 9. Medievil - All Levels unlocked, Have All Weapons, and all Chalice of Souls collected 10. Medievil 2 - All Levels Unlocked, Have All Weapons, and all Chalice of Souls collected 11. Metal Gear Solid VR Missions - Everything Completed 100% 12. Resident Evil 2 Dual Shock Edition - Save File for 'The Survivor Tofu' Scenario 13.

Silent Hill - Contains 5 save files for all 5 different endings all consumable items has stock of 255 each and a save file for the 'Next Fear' game with all secret weapons and items unlocked for your next game. Final Fantasy VII - saved after the materia tutorial part.

With this file, you can start your game with all items, all limit breaks and the materia window contains 10 master magic materia, 10 master summon materia, 10 master command materia and 20 other miscallenous materias with master level 15. Thousand Arms - Start the game at the very first save point with All Items and Max Gold (All items also includes their Non Elemental Final Weapons) Link For The Memory Card File Enjoy!

Sorry buddy I can't help with your Suikoden save file, for now I only completed Suikoden II so far with 108 characters I'll post it here when I have the time, let's just hope someone else in this forum has a save file and add it here, but for now hang in there, but back then as long as I remembered, I played the first Suikoden on my PS1, I load the file of the first one to the sequel with incomplete characters (I finished it with incomplete characters). That file will only serve to allow Mcdohl to join your party on the Second Suikoden but other than that, it won't affect anything else no other extras will be added, so it doesn,t matter whether or not you,ve completed the characters on the first one and load it on the sequel. Let's hope someone can help you here. Lost your save file due to misplacement or file corruption? Can't continue your game due to emulation freeze glitches? Or can't convert your European version to US version saves?

Well you're in luck because these memory card save file bundles could solve all those problems instantly without all of those complicated explanations on how to solve your memory card problems. Looking for a certain save point event in the game? Or just want to start back from that point? These memory card bundles has them all. These cards contains save files which covers the full playthrough of the game from start to finish.

Here's the list of memory card bundles available for the following games. Final Fantasy IX - NTSC UC - Full Playthrough Save Collection 2. Final Fantasy VII - NTSC UC - Full Playthrough Save Collection 3.

Final Fantasy VIII - NTSC UC - Full Playthrough Save Collection 4. Grandia - NTSC UC - Full Playthrough Save Collection 5.

Legend of Legaia - NTSC UC - Full Playthrough Save Collection 6. Lunar 2 - Eternal Blue Complete - NTSC UC - Full Playthrough Save Collection 7. Tales of Destiny II - NTSC UC - Full Playthrough Save Collection 8.

The Legend of Dragoon - NTSC UC - Full Playthrough Save Collection 9. Wild Arms 2 - NTSC UC - Full Playthrough Save Collection 10. Xenogears - NTSC UC - Full Playthrough Save Collection Link For The Memory Card Compilations. Hello again, today I'll attach a memory card save compilation which includes the following games below, from here on, on each compilation, I'll mark some titles in the compilation as 'Complete' which means that there will be no more updates for that certain game and also means that everything is totally unlocked. I've also included the updated save file for 'Initial D'.

Here are the contents, hope you find it useful. EPSXE 009.mcr - Save File Contents 1. Gran Turismo (NTSC UC) - 90 Cars in Garage with 16,467,380 Cash in Simulation Mode List of Cars Available in Garage 1. Sil Eighty 3. Alcyone SVX 4.

Viper GTS-R 5. Chaser LM Edition 6. Free rahsaan roland kirk rip rig and panic rar programs. Camaro Z28 30th Anniversary 7. Soarer 2.5G T-T VVT-i 8. Eunos Roadster 9.

Demio A Spec 10. CR-X EF-8 Si-R 11. Corvette 96' Grand Sport 12. Corvette 96' Coupe 13. Camaro Z28 14. Impreza WRX-Sti Type R 15.

Legacy Touring Wagon GT-B 16. Impreza 96' Sedan WRX STi Version III 17. Impreza 96' Wagon WRX STi Version III 18. Legacy Touring Sedan RS 19. Impreza 96' Sedan WRX 20. Impreza 96' Wagon WRX 21. NSX Type S 22.

NSX Type S Zero 23. Integra Type-R 25. Integra GS-R 26. Prelude Type-SH 27. Accord Sedan 28. Civic - Racer 29. Accord Wagon 31.

Civic Sedan 32. Civic 3 Door 33. R33 Skyline GT-R Vspec 34. R33 Skyline GT-R 35. Fairlady Z version S Twin Turbo 2 by 2 36. Fairlady Z version S Twin Turbo 2 seater 37.

Fairlady Z version S 2 by 2 38. Fairlady Z version S 2 Seater 39.

R33 Skyline GTS25t Type M 40. 180X TypeX 41. Primera 95' 2.0Te 42. S14 Silvia K's 43. 180SX Type S 44. S14 Silvia Q's 45. GTO Twin Turbo 46.

Galant VR-4 48. Lancer Evolution IV GSR 49. Eclipse GT 50. Download alarm sirine kebakaran. FTO GP Version R 52.

Galant VR-G Touring 53. Mirage ASTI RX 55. RX-7 FD A Spec 56. RX-7 FD Type-RZ 57. RX-7 FD Touring X 58.

RX-7 FD Type-RB 59. Eunos Roadster V-Special 60. Eunos Roadster S-Special 61.

Eunos Roadster Normal 62. Lantis 2000 Type-R 63. Demio GL-X 64. Demio LX G Package 66.

Impreza Rally Edition 67. NSX-R LM GT2 68. Nismo GT-R LM 69. GTO LM Edition 70. Castrol Supra GT 71. RX-7 LM Edition 72.

Soarer 2.5 GT-T VVT-i 73. Supra SZ-R 74. Celica GT-Four 75. Chaser Tourer V 76. Chaser Tourer S 77. MR2 G-Limited 79.

Corona EXIV 200GT 80. Celica SS-II 81.

Sprinter Trueno BZG 82. Corolla Levin BZG 83.

Starlet Glanza V 84. Griffith 4.0 85. Griffith 500 86. DB7 Volante 89. DB7 Coupe 90.

Viper GTS - B, A and A International License Driving Test All Clear - All Bonus Items Unlocked in Arcade Mode 2. Evilzone (NTSC UC) - Everything Unlocked (Complete) 3. Tekken (NTSC UC) - All Characters Unlocked (Complete) 4. Resident Evil Director's Cut (NTSC UC) - Play Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine ARRANGE MODE with infinite Colt Python and Rocket Launcher in inventory 5. Ridge Racer Type 4 (NTSC UC) (Complete) - All Extra Trials Cleared - Pac Man Car Unlocked - All Cars Available in Garage 6. Bust A Groove 2 (NTSC UC) - All Characters and All Dance Views Unlocked (Complete) 7.

Initial D (NTSC J) - All Cars Now Unlocked (Complete) (Save Update) 8. Tetris with Card Captor Sakura - Eternal Heart (NTSC J) - (Not Yet Complete) - Easy Level Cleared - Gallery for Easy Level Complete - 2 More Characters Not Yet Unlocked in Taisen Mode 9. Resident Evil 2 - Dual Shock Version (NTSC UC) (Complete) - Extreme Battle Mode Save File with all four characters already unlocked (Leon S.

Kennedy, Claire Redfield, Ada Wong and Chris Redfield) and all difficulty level unlocked 10. Resident Evil 2 - Dual Shock Version (NTSC UC) - The 4th Survivor Mode Save File play as the bio suit guy 'Hunk' Link For The Memory Card File Since, there are more than one game region included in the compilation I placed the game region besides the game title to prevent confusion. Additional Note: here are some codes for Resident Evil 2 Dual Shock Version that enables all characters in Extreme Battle Mode for both disc without playing it from Level 1 to Level 3 For Leon Disc the code is D00CFB76 0000 300CFB77 0001 800CFB98 0200 and for the Claire Disc the code is D00CFB2E 0000 300CFB2F 0001 800CFB50 0200 and to unlock this mode without using cheats or by own effort, you must have an A ranking for both first and second scenarios, keep in mind to achieve an A ranking.

You must not use secret weapons like rocket launcher, gatling gun and sub machine gun 2. You must finish the game at least under 1 and a half hour for the first scenario and under 2 hours for the second scenario 3. The number of saves also determines the rank, so I recommend using save states after you clear and save the game, just use save states if you want to save rather than using save points then just save it via memory card after you clear the game. Till Next Time! 5th Memory Card Save File Set - All Save Files contained in the card are for NTSC J (Japanese) Region Games EPSXE 005.mcr Contents 1. Advanced VG 2 - Extra Config Available in Config Mode,Miranda and Material Selectable in VS Mode 2.


Azumanga Donjara Daioh - All Characters Unlocked 3. Gekitou Crush Gear Turbo - All Tobita Club Members Available in Tournament Mode All Characters Unlocked in Versus Mode 4. Inu Yasha Sengoku Otogi Kassen - All Characters, Stages and Picture Galleries Unlocked 5. Lightning Legend - Daigo no Daibouken - All Extras Unlocked 6. Lupin III Punch The Monkey Game Edition - All Stages Unlocked 7. Naruto - Shinobi no Sato no Jintori Gassen - All Characters, Stages and Boxes Unlocked 8. One Piece Grand Battle 2 - Everything Unlocked 9.

Rurouni Kenshin - Ishin Gekitou Hen - All Characters Unlocked 10. Samurai Deeper Kyo - All Characters Unlocked 11. Shaman King - Spirit of Shaman - Everything Unlocked 12. Slap Happy Rhythm Busters - All Characters Unlocked and All DJ Practice Complete 13.

Tales of Fandom Vol.1 - All Characters,Modes and Gallery Unlocked 14. Tatsunoko Fight - All Modes Unlocked 15. Toshinden Subaru - Everything Unlocked Link For The Memory Card File.

Product Information. Digimon Rumble Arena is a family-friendly fighting game offering single- and two-player modes. You can battle as or against your favorite digital monsters, both past and present.

Power-ups give Digimon characters defining special abilities that can make a difference in close contests and platform traps like conveyor belts and falling icicles are part of the mix. In single-player mode, you compete against the computer by clearing stages and advancing through all 20 characters.

Six environments include Sanctuary (lightening bolts), Wilderness (boulders), Garbage Recycling Center (compactor), Revolution (rotating screen), Glacier (icicles), and Volcano, with a few mini-games thrown in for fun. Two-player action lets you compete against another human, while the Versus Computer mode offers single matches against the computer where you pick the level and character to fight. Each Digimon has special moves, such as Wormon's sticky net, Stingmon's moon shooter, and MegaGargomon's bum rush, and gaining enough energy allows them to 'digivolve' into more powerful versions for a limited amount of time. Special items featuring positive and negative effects appear sporadically during the fighting and affect gameplay: digi plus, digi minus, max and forced digivolve, power down, queen device, evil ring and spiral bomb, and fire, water, and wind attacks. Great Digimon game for young fans I first had this game when I was a young child.

As an extreme fan of Digimon I was instantly charmed by the game. It contained all the main Digimon of seasons one,two, and three of the animated series. It was guaranteed to have your favorite Digimon to play with. What was even cooler was being able to 'warp digivolve' into each Digimon's final (mega) form. Although instantly charming to any Digimon fan, the game doesn't offer much to normal gamers looking for a fighting game. The are only two buttons to use for different attacks, with some variation depending on what direction you're pressing on the d-pad or when you're jumping with the third button.

This makes the game very limited in attacks and technique, and you will find yourself 'spamming' many attacks to win. However, it is fun being able to transform into your advanced form in battle and use different, more powerful attacks. There is also the addition of in battle item pickup and environment interaction to spice things up, but not by much. Overall, it's a passable battle system.

I decided to buy this game to satisfy a feeling of nostalgia when I saw it on eBay and because it was so cheap to buy used. I realize now that the game appealed to me more as a child gamer than it does as an adult.

I would recommend this game for any child who is a fan of Digimon, and maybe some hardcore older fans. Great buy for a Digimon fan! I've been dying to get my hands on this game! It's really nice if you're a fan of Digimon (seasons 1-3). Almost all the main characters are in it and also some of the DigiDestined are as well (during battle). The game is a bit old, but I'm going to be honest, the graphics aren't that great. But it's good enough to enjoy old school Digimon.

I'm used to Rumble Arena 2, and in this game, the Digimon only have 2 moves, and digivolve only once, to their mega forms and then dedigivolve after awhile, unlike in Arena 2. It's a bit annoying you have the battle your opponent twice, but it comes in handy if you lost the first time. Overall, it's a nice game, and a must for any Digimon fan.