Dell Latitude 10 St2 Install Windows 8

Disclaimer: Boring Video.of me trying the boot time on a dell latitude essential10 tablet. It's the 32gb model which I got as a gift. But was purchased from dell outlet for about $250. This is a full fledged tablet running windows 8. Not a windows rt tablet.

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Boot time is pretty fast. This tablet even though it's rated at 32gb. Only has about 6gb of free hard drive space. About 20gb is used for windows8. There are two recovery partitions. One contains windows 8.

Once you have Enterprise edition installed, you need to boot from your. I have a Dell Latitude 10 ST2 model with a 120GB eMMC drive and Windows 8. I need an image of a dell venue with windows 8.1 pro my recovery.

Which takes about 8gb. The other recovery partition takes about 2gb and is for the recovery tool. There is very little free space.