Cyber Snipa Sonar 5.1 Headset Windows 7 Drivers

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2012-6-7  Windows 7: Cybersnipa Sonar 5.1 Headset - No Sound. 05 Jun 2012 #1. Is there a way to completely remove the drivers that they installed or to revert back to the previous drivers? I have also tried reverting windows back to a previous restore point and that has not resolved it either. Thanks in advance My System Specs.

OS- Windows 7 Headset/Mic type- USB Headset make- Cyber Snipa Sonar 5.1 Gaming Headset Drivers- Up-to-date USB drivers, the headset drivers itself suck and don't help I just got Windows 7 and I love it but I知 getting a problem with my microphone. Whenever I launch something like a game my microphone gets staticky. If I have my Windows 7 sound control panel open and look under where my microphone is the sound level of my microphone is jumping from 50% to 100% green bars which means there痴 something broadcasting over my microphone but I知 not even talking. I use Ventrilo to communicate during game play and now it痴 becoming impossible to be enjoyable when I have people screaming at me that I知 all static. I have tried changing usb ports with no noticeable results. Similar help and support threads Thread Forum Hello.

When using my audio jack, which is a multimedia one btw, It statics out my internal microphone. I have no clue what causes it. Iv tried reinstalling sound and microphone drivers but nothing works. Sound & Audio hi all.

Im recently having problems with my microphone making a lovely static/ buzzing sound. I use ventrilo and was alerted to it by some angry guildmates, and when i made it so I can hear my own microphone I can hear it myself.

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I have updated to the latest VIA audio drivers from Asus and. Sound & Audio Lately I've been getting yelled at when gaming because I accidentally hit my 'push to talk' key sometimes even though I don't have a mic plugged in, whenever that happens people seem to hear a really loud static-y crackling sound coming from my 'mic.' Now, I've been trying to use HLDJ with Team. Sound & Audio i get static on my microphone when recording and i dont know what is making it static. My microphone is sm58 so its not a cheap one and my cable is a monster cable so i know its not the mic or the cable(they work fine on my old computer).

The problem is that i get static from both the front and. Sound & Audio I upgraded to windows 7 some time ago, and got a new microphone with it. Every time I test or use my microphone, I get static in the background with it. The problem isn't with my microphone (I've tested it on windows xp), and seems to be with windows 7. Note that I only hear the static when. Sound & Audio Our Sites Site Links About Us Find Us.

If you're serious about PC gaming then a decent 5.1 surround sound setup is essential. It doesn't just help with immersion - although being surrounded by ambient noise certainly helps draw you into the game world - but it helps you pin point enemies as they hide around corners or sneak up behind you.

Most sets of 5.1 headphones can be hit or miss, but the Snipa Sonar 5.1 Championship works really well. The eight individual drivers in these headphones give much better audio placement that other sets that reply on virtually recreating surround sound effects though stereo speakers. You can alter the levels with the inline remote control, or use the supplied software for greater control over each speaker. Using this software is recommended to calibrate each surround speaker to get the best possible effect.

It's also a good demonstration of how well the surround sound works. The bass is particularly strong with these headphones, and explosions can leave you feeling like you've hit your head. Luckily the headphones themselves are very comfortable to wear, so any discomfort you might experience is more likely to be down to volume, not ergonomics. It's a very impressive experience, and while it's still no match for a full 5.1 speaker arrangement, it comes close.