Carlsbro Rebel Manual High School

DENVER -- Manual High School in Denver released a statement to parents Saturday regarding an 'extremely concerning' event that allegedly took.

A high school football game in Colorado ended in tragedy as a fight allegedly broke out regarding one of the team’s mascots. One team, Weld Central High School in Colorado, a state that was ratified 11 years after the Civil War ended, has the nickname “Rebels.” And its mascot, someone dressed as a Confederate soldier, displayed a Confederate flag. After they were asked by Manual High School to put away the flag, Weld complied but a as a result and injured three Manual players while players on Weld called them racial slurs.

Manual High School principal Nick Dawkins about what happened. Dawkins said that while the injured players will make full recoveries, one had a leg injury and another had a concussion.

The principal of Weld Central High School to parents to explain their side. They claim that there was no Confederate flag and while there used to be a time where the mascot had a Confederate flag, they didn’t have one for years. It should also be noted that parents at both high schools disputed Dawkins’ account of what happened so it’s become a big game of “He said, he said, he said” and so forth. Regardless of what happened, it’s 2017 and there is still a high school in this country that uses a Confederate soldier as a mascot. And this isn’t like it’s the south either where many wouldn’t be surprised this would happen. This is in Colorado so no one can even claim tradition and heritage for this.

Sure, the state of Colorado was strategic for both sides in the Civil War but considering it didn’t become a state until 1876 and the only actual battle in Colorado consisted of the north who was there from the Cheyenne and Arapaho tribes which the south had nothing to do with, the mascot itself paints an inaccurate picture of history on top of it being seen as racist. Just goes to show that racism can be anywhere and everywhere. /Photo: CHSAA.

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