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Mar 23, 2018 - 'a stat e of being we ll and us ing every power th e indivi dual poss esse s to the ful lest extent.' ' a state of comple te physi cal, men tal and so. Mar 7, 2015 - Some schools have their own program for LET review and they can be. Review centers you can choose from like Carl Balita Review Center,.

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ANSWER SHEET: BOARD LICENSURE EXAMINATION FOR PROFESSIONAL TEACHERS INTENSIVE PROF ED BOOSTER Warning: This material material is protected protected by Copyright Copyright Laws. Unauthorized Unauthorized use shall be prosecuted prosecuted in the full extent of the Philippine Laws. For exclusive use of CBRC reviewees only. Teacher Pining Garcia makes sure that she checks understanding to ensure that the students are following the lesson. Of what part of assessment is she occupied with? Assessment of learning B. Assessment for learning C.

Assessment as learning D. Assessment for and as learning 2. The assessments prior to instruction are the following EXCEPT: A. Class observation B.

Questions to prepare the students C. KWL technique D. Assessment of learning is part of the teaching and learning process.

Which of the following is the most reliable tool for determining the students’ ability to write? Portfolio assessment C. Interview of students B. Scoring rubric D.

Self-assessment 5. What can Teacher Lassie assign as sign in order to assess the student’s individual learning experiences and performance using innovative documentation, such as texts, photos and other items and documents? Field research D.

Audio-visual project 6. Of the following, which is least authentic mode of student performance assessment? Oral performance on communication skills B. Artistic production in art C. Paper-pencil vocabulary test D. Experiment as a scientific method 7. An entering student in college would like to determine which course is best suited for him.

Which test is appropriate for this purpose? Achievement test C. Intelligence test B. Diagnostic test D. Aptitude test 8.

What primary response factor is considered by Essay questions? Wide sampling of ideas B. Factual information C.

Originality D. Less time for constructing and scoring 9.

Using the Likert Method of summative scale, what is the mean for scale ratings (10, 7.5, 5, 2.5 and 0)? What criteria serve the need to confine questions of tests to data of textbooks and lectures delivered in the classroom? Curricular validity C. Predictive validity B. Content validity D. Criterion validity 13. A student got a numerical grade of 80.

What is his descriptor for his level of proficiency? Did not meet expectations C. Satisfactory B. Fairly satisfactory D.

Very satisfactory 14. Which is true when the standard deviation is big? Scores are spread out B. Scores are not extremes C.

The bell curve shape is steep D. Scores are concentrated 15. Ping Guerrero’s Guerrero’s raw score in Mathematics class is 94 which equals th to 97 percentile. What does this mean? What is the criterion-referenced test designed to determine? Performance level on a specific skill B.

Performance on a wide content of coverage C. Attaining a personal target D. Performance higher than other members of the group 10. Of the following checklists, which is the first among steps in preparing tests? Defining instructional objectives B.

Kind of test to use C. Table of Specifications D. Arrangement of items DR. BALITA REVIEW CENTER 1. 97% of Ping Guerrero’s Guerrero ’s classmate got a score higher than 94 97% of Ping Guerrero’s Guerrero’s classmate got a score of lower than 94 Ping Guerrero’s Guerrero’s score is less than 97% of his classmates Ping Guerrero’s Guerrero’s score is higher than 97% of his classmates 16.

What does a normal curve mean in grade distribution of scores? All have average grades B. Largest number with high grades and few low grades C. Large number of more or less average and few receiving low and high grades D. Largest number receiving low and high scores 17. What can be said of student performance in a negatively skewed class score distribution? Most students performed well B.

All students had average performance Fb: CARL E. BALITA / janus de leon - 1 - C. Few students performed well Most students performed poorly B. What is meant by a difficulty index of one (1) for a test item? Item is extremely difficult C. Item should be retained B.

Item is extremely easy D. Item is not valid 19. Teacher Panny found out that more from the lower group got item #16 correctly in his item analysis. This means that the test item has: A. Low validity B.

High reliability C. Negative discriminating power D. Positive discriminating power 20. What is meant by a -0.36 determination index in test assessment? Test is reliable B.

More from upper group answered items correctly C. More from lower group answered items correctly D. Test is valid 21. What is the best description to the teaching profession? It is the most populous labor section B.

It is the noblest profession C. It is the most lucrative profession D. It requires less preparation 22. After the 1987 Philippine constitution, the first legal bases to make teaching as a profession or teachers as professionals is. Code of Ethics for Professional Teachers B. Under RA 10912 or the Continuing Professional Development Act of 2016, how many CPD units are required for the renewal of the teachers’ professional ID card or the PIC every three years?

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Which is the language medium of instruction from K to 3 in accordance to RA 10533 or the Enhanced Basic Education Act of 2013? Language chosen by parents B. Mother tongue of the learners C. English as the official language D. Language chosen by the school Basic Education Curriculum (BEC) Basic Education Sector Reform Agenda (BESRA) K-12 Program 30. According to the 1990 EDCOM congressional review and assessment, which primarily cause the declining quality of Philippine education? Crowded classrooms and lack of facilities B.

Low teachers’ salaries and benefits C. Corruption and bureaucratic red-tape D. Low investment and poor management 31. Teacher Janus showed the whole mark of being an excellent teacher by being able to make out of the box positive changes in the curriculum how. As a curricularist, he is an.

Implementer C. Initiator 32. What comprises the spiral approach in teaching Math in K12 curriculum? Teach Algebra, geometry and Trigonometry in Grades 8, 9 and 10 respectively B. Give schools choice in teaching Algebra, Geometry and Trigonometry C. Teach Algebra, Geometry and Trigonometry only to higher grades D. Progressively teach Math concepts from Grade 1 and continue to Grade 10 33.

On types of curriculum, which includes the course study, syllabi, modules, books and lesson plan? Hidden curriculum C. Written curriculum B. Recommended curriculum D. Supported curriculum 34. Of types of the curriculum, which comes from policy, standards and guidelines from national organizations or international bodies such as UNESCO? Recommended curriculum C.

Assessed curriculum B. Learned curriculum D. Written curriculum 35. What could be the content or topic when the teacher asks the learners to define curriculum and complete a matrix on the differences between traditional and progressive curriculum. Historical and philosophical foundations of the curriculum B. Meaning of curriculum C.

Various curriculum perspective D. Different elements that affects curriculum 25. What factor contributed to the great demand for teachers during the American regime? Rationalist period for the next generation B. American literacy modelling C. Democratic tutoring of the country D.

Opening of the free public education 36. Teacher Aziz have been tasked to prepare the curriculum for the year. He writes daily guide in implementing the curriculum. In this situation he is a/an. Implementor D. Teacher Maggie sees to it that her classroom is clean and orderly so her pupils will less likely disarrange seats and litter on the floor. On which thought is her action based?

Existentialism C. Behaviorism B. Progressivism D. Reconstructionism 37. The best feature of Tyler’s Rationale is the. Planning phase B.

Evaluation of experiences C. Organization of experiences D. Identification of purpose 27.

After finishing the degree in Education, teacher Melody Maduli learns that learning never stops. In fact, she accumulates more knowledge after leaving the portal of her alma mater. This typifies what kind of philosophy?

Constructivism B. Perennialism D. Progressivism 38. Which of the following processes usually comes first in developing curriculum? Selection of educational content B. Organization of learning experiences C.

Evaluating learning experiences D. Identifying goals and objectives 28. What is the overall stream for education, growth and fulfillment in the teaching profession?

Merit and promotion C. In-service B.

Lifelong career D. Pre-service 39. Which encompasses the true essence of the term curriculum? List of subjects to complete a course B. List of courses for graduation C. Sum total of all learning experiences D. Never ending process in education 29.

Which program directly embodies both the pre-service and inservice programs for Teachers? Teacher Education Development Program (TEDP) DR. BALITA REVIEW CENTER Fb: CARL E. BALITA / janus de leon - 2 - 40. What kind of curriculum is introduced to a learner centered learning environment? Indigenized C.

Competitive B. Assessed and monitored D. Achievement oriented 41. How present-day netizen students are properly referred to today? Computer buffs C. Facebook followers B. U-tube viral viewers D.

Digital generation 42. What technology integration is achieved by teacher Iah who encourages adaptation of tool based software that allows the student to choose a tool and modify its use to accomplish a task at hand? Transformation D. Adaptation 43. What does the cut and paste research of students’ outputs demonstrate? Lack of the ability to think and write B. Ease in downloading documents from internet C.

Lack of time for home assignments D. Lack of surveillance of the instructors 44.

What is a useful tool for constructivist learning in presenting the characteristic features of objects/subjects in a lesson, e.g. Narrative frame C. Fishbone diagram B. Attribute wheel D. Venn diagram 45.

Sequence the materials: I. Steps in guiding students on the use of instructional Follow sequence of activities Prepare students Prepare materials Prepare yourself (the teacher) IV, II, III and I I, II, III and IV Comparative analysis Focus Sharpening Complex cognitive abilities 53. What characterizes the academic approach to classroom management? Objectives, methods, outcomes B. Calmness, consistency, compliance C. Work, organization, procedures D. Control, persistence, sanctions 54.

Of subcategories of movement behavior, what is happening when the teacher ends an activity abruptly? Stimulus-bounded B. Truncation D. Flip-flop 55. Teacher Susan dealt effectively with a minor infarction of whispering by a student to a neighbor during class. Which of the following did she do? Use nonverbal signals (gesture or facial expression) B.

Continue to teach and ignore infarction C. Reprimand student after class D. Reprimand quietly 56. How do you describe the effects of escalating situations of uncontrolled misbehaviors inside a classroom?

Rifle effect C. Mushroom effect B.

Rainbow effect D. Step-up effect 57. Among mistaken goals in the Acceptance Approach to discipline, what happens when students seek to hurt others to make up being for being hurt or rejected? Revenge seeking C.

Withdrawal B. Power seeking D. Attention getting C.

IV, I, II and III D. III, II, I and IV 46. What kind of literary works are very creative by way of descriptive language and dramatic episodes? Fiction novels C. Historical account D. Autobiography 47.

Among models of reading strategies, what did student Edna adopt when she read back and forth, attending to both what is in her mind and what’s on the page? Interactive D. Bottoms-up 48.

What is the level of reading if Student Jean is judging that Shakespeare’s Hamlet emotional complex that caused him to be wish taking his own life? Applied reading C. Evaluative reading B.

Literal reading D. Objective reading 49. Teacher Hetty gave her first grade students a page with story with pictures that take the place of words. What is this method? Rebus method B. Language experience method C.

Spaulding method D. Whole language approach 50. In Grace Godell’s Skill Ladder, which step should come last, and only when needed? Using contextual clues C. Using the dictionary B. Using parts of a book D.

Using phonetic analysis 51. Which is the highest level in the revised bloom’s and Anderson’s cognitive taxonomy? Evaluation of answers B.

Application of principles in real life C. Scoring rubric for research report D. Analysis of the causes of a phenomenon 52. The skill of to maintain distinction between cognitive structures to avoid confusion is a skill that the teacher should understand and to help students to acquire. BALITA REVIEW CENTER A. The following are examples of non-verbal behavior. Which one is restricting or not acceptable mannerism by teachers?

Teacher suggests approval for students and continues with “um-hm” B. Teacher moves toward student C. Teacher slouches to suggest being carefree D. Teacher’s intonation shows support 59. Classroom routines form the backbone of daily school activities, but which of the following is not covered by such routines?

Submission of work C. Distribution of papers B. Lesson content D. Seating arrangement 60. In classroom curriculum implementation, which is referred to as the “Green Flag?” A. Too much chalkboard talk C. Student interest B.

Content delivery bias D. Rigid movement 61. How can the moral attitude of student Dona be judged as she goes to Church confession every day to be washed of all sins? Pharisaical C. Scrupulous B. What moral principle applies to removal of life sustaining machines from comatose patients whom doctors believe can no longer be medically saved? Principle of material cooperation B.

Principle of formal cooperation C. Principle of double effect D. Principle of lesser evil 63. Under the “learning to do”, which of the following instrument must be acquired so that a person can perform his work effe ctively? Compromise C. Competence B.

Communication 64. Of goals of education, which relates to the strengthening of our society’s sense of belonging and identity? Moral character B. Enculturation D.

Citizenship Fb: CARL E. BALITA / janus de leon - 3 - 65. What kind of orientation is needed so that the globally competent teacher can effectively work within a new cultural environment? Open-mindedness C. Critical mindedness B.

High-order thinking D. Reflective thinking 66. What kind of cultural phenomenon best describes the disorderly behavior of children in class? Intellectual D. Teacher Petra thinks she is the best among peers, while others are below her stature.

What is her attitude towards people? “Bukas na lang” attitude C.

Holier than thou attitude B. Crab mentality D. “Bahala na” attitude 68. What can the multi-grade system be set in place in order to respond to the needs of remote elementary schools where enrollment is low? Upgrade students to higher level B.

Mainstream special with regular students C. Assign teachers to specific grade level D. Combine two to three grade levels 77. In Piaget’s Concrete-Operational Stage in cognitive development, which refers to the ability of the child to perceive different features of objects and situations, e.g. Toughness in stone, elasticity in rubber, etc.?

Decentering C. Reversibility B. Conservation 78. Following Kohlberg’s Theory of Moral Development, what is the moral reasoning or perspective of Joy who allows her classmate to copy her test work, so that she will be her friend? Social approval C. Punishment D.

Law and order 79. In Erikson’s stage of Theory of Development, which of the following needs to be developed from the child (1 to 1½ years old)? Initiative D. At birth, human beings contain neurons. Ten million C.

One billion B. Fifty million D. Fifty billion -END- 69. In social sciences, a global teacher has a wide appreciation of the drawn in the concept of unity and a variety of people around the globe. Multiculturalism B.

Education For All EFA C. Values Education D.

Education for Sustainable Development 70. What learning style is characterized by doing things that has immediate practical use to the learners? Intuitive feeling C. Sensing feeling B. Intuitive thinking D.

Sensing thinking 71. What is the pattern of change which can affect child’s development such as in parents going abroad for work? Microsystem C. Macrosystem B. Mesosystem D. Cronosystem 72.

In which stage of learning does a child manifest that a skill is learned? Acquisition C. Maintenance B. Proficiency D. Correlation 73. In the Learning Style Theory, which facets create a difference in effectiveness within the same learning environment?

Reading readiness B. Methods and resources C.

Curriculum and syllabus D. Biological and development factors 74. Of the following, which is an instance when teachers lead students toward the metacognition? Explaining learning objectives B. Outlining parts of a lesson C. Asking students to predict outcomes D.

Introducing topic of discussion 75. Sequence the steps in prenatal growth. Fertilization II. Attaches to the wall of uterus III. Male and Female sperm and egg cell unite IV.

Zygote divides from two, four, etc. III, I, IV, II III, I, II, IV C.


I, II, III, IV D. IV, III, II, I 76. In Piaget’s stages of Cognitive Development, what is the pre-school age in which a child’s intelligence is intuitive, able to make mental representation, and close to the use of symbols? Formal operational stage B. Concrete operational stage C. Sensory motor stage D.

Preoperational stage DR. BALITA REVIEW CENTER “Strive to be the best teacher that you can be. Know the reasons behind your goals, work hard for your dreams, believe in the Lord and you will find yourself one with your dreams.” -Sir Janus- Fb: CARL E. BALITA / janus de leon - 4.