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This is a multiple part series for someone new to wireless hacking, with pictures and videos.
Introduction To Kali and WiFi Pen Testing
How to Install Kali Linux
WEP Hacking
Kali Linux and Reaver
Getting a Handshake and a Data Capture, WPA Dictionary Attack
Using Aircrack and a Dictionary to Crack a WPA Data Capture
Cracking a WPA Capture with the GPU using HashCat
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Note: If you are using a updated version of Kali and aicrack-ng mon0 interface has been changed to wlan0mon. Read here for more info.
Kali Linux and Reaver
The Commands we will be using.
airmon-ng start wlan0
wash -i mon0 -C
reaver -I mon0 -b (The BSSID) –vv (The -vv is two V not a W)
Reaver is one of the best tools to come along in a long time. Before WPA was implemented and WEP ruled wireless encryption any network could be cracked easily. But when WPA became the standard it became much harder to do and using the dictionary attack method was the only real option. Then came Reaver.
Reaver works by a flaw found in routers called WPS or Wi-fi Protected Setup. WPS makes it easy for wireless devices to find and connect to a router. The problem with WPS is, it has a flaw in it that lets someone go around the encryption.
If a router has WPS enabled then cracking the encryption is no longer necessary. WPS uses pin numbers that are not encrypted. Reaver starts by running through the pin numbers until it is found once it is found it will display the password. If a router has WPS enabled it can usually be cracked in two – ten hours.
“Wi-Fi Protected Setup, or WPS. It’s a feature that exists on many routers, intended to provide an easy setup process, and it’s tied to a PIN that’s hard-coded into the device. Reaver exploits a flaw in these PINs and the result is that, with enough time, it can reveal your WPA or WPA2 password. Reaver does not attempt to take on the WPA encryption itself, but goes around it using WPS and then displaying the password.” (PCM)
As with other attacks there are some problems with this such as signal strength, a strong signal is almost a must. Also some routers can crash if too many pins get thrown at it quickly much like a denial of service attack can crash a PC.
Reaver has many options or switches it can use to deal with these problems. The example I am using below is a basic one. There are many more commands to use with Reaver, you can see them all by typing “reaver /?”.
Setting up the Pen Testing environment
Setup a router with WPA or WPA2 for encryption and give it a password. Enable WPS if it is not already and connect to it wirelessly with a separate device (laptop, smartphone) simulating a real environment.
The first thing we need to do is enable the wireless USB adapter.
Start Kali Linux and open a terminal window
Run the command “airmon-ng” to see if Kali recognizes your wireless USB adapter. It should show “Wlan0” along with the chipset, if it doesn’t then some troubleshooting will have to be done until it does.
Once the wireless USB adapter is working we need it enabled. To do this run the following command “airmon-ng start wlan0”
If all goes well the screen will scroll by with some information then say enabled on mon0.
(If it comes up enabled on mon1 or mon2 simply use that instead of mon0)
Finding a WPS enabled router is the next step this used to be hard to do until the “wash” command came along. Before the “wash” command every router would have to be found and then tested to see if WPS was enabled. The “wash” command will list only WPS enabled routers.
The “wash” command has been notorious for having problems and not working correctly. Basically the “wash” command goes out and tells you if a router has WPS enabled, so you don’t waste your time running Reaver. I believe I have found a fix that has been working for me on both Backtrack 5 and Kali Linux.
First make a directory like this.
“mkdir /etc/reaver”
Then run the wash command
“wash -i mon0 -C”
(That is a capitol C)
I made a short video on using the Wash command if you are having problems.
Copy the BSSID, to paste it when needed later, then press CTRL+C to stop the terminal window using the wireless USB adapter.
If nothing comes up then no WPS enabled router is within reach. Run the following command to see all access point within your reach. “airodump-ng mon0”. Only do this if the wash command finds nothing.
Now we can get to using Reaver. Be sure the terminal window running the “wash” command is not actively using the wireless USB adapter by pressing CTRL+C inside of it. You can copy and paste the BSSID.
In the second terminal window run the following command.
“reaver -i mon0 -b (Target BSSID) –vv”
(The -vv is two V not a W)
Reaver should start to run.
Reaver will now run and start a brute force attack against the Pin number of the router. It will run until it finds the wireless password usually 2-10 hours.
Here is a screen shot of what it looks like when Reaver cracks the password.
The password is “jackandjillwentupthehill”.
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Note: Instabridge is not for wifi tethering nor is it a wifi hacker tool and cannot be used for wifi hacking in any way. Instabridge syncs passwords between your. Cara Tukar Nama & Password Unifi Assalamualaikum.wbt Lau ada sapa2 nk try tukar nama wifi atau password TMunifi, boleh follow this tutorial.nk call TM pun boleh,tp kena tggu lama sket la.dgr dia punya iklan dan mcm2 lg la.

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Macam-macam software dan cara untuk crack contohnya Backtrack, Kismet, Realtek, air-crack, signal king dan lain-lain. Korang google aje lah kalo rajin dan faham. Hehehe Bab WPA2-PSK tu, aku tak jumpa lagi depan mata mereka yang boleh crack WPA2-PSK ini.


So, sekarang, korang cari atau setting wireless connection ke WPA2-PSK lah yea. Modem UniFi sekarang menggunakan TM D-Link DIR 615 yang mempunyai beberapa kriteria ekstra untuk sambungan internet korang. Nanti aku tunjukkan cara configure dan beberapa setting nyer yea.

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