Bpm Software Comparison Matrix

Find the best BPM Software for your organization. Compare top ERP Software systems with customer reviews, pricing and free demos. Free Open Source BPM Platforms 2015. Activiti recognizes that BPM as a management discipline is a completely different aspect then BPM as software engineering.

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This article provides a comparison of Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) tools.


NameCreatorPlatform / OSBPMN VersionFeaturesDiagramme exampleFirst ReleaseLatest ReleaseSoftware license
Model processesExecute processesMonitor processesOther
ActivitiAlfresco Software, Inc. and the Activiti developer communityCross-platform (Java-based and SaaS)BPMN 2.0YYYModeler, Simulation, Execution. Data elements are not supported. Limited supported formats (read/saved internally in BPMN format without exporting capabilities).2010-05-17[1]2016-01-29[2]Apache License 2.0[3]
ActiveVOSInformaticaCross-platform (Java-based)BPMN 2.0YYY20052014Proprietary
ADONIS (software)BOC Information Technologies Consulting AGWindowsBPMN 2.0YYY19952015Proprietary / Freeware (requires registration)
Alfresco Process ServicesAlfreso Software, Inc.Cross-platform (Java-based and SaaS)BPMN 2.0YYY20172018-06-14Subscription. Price based on number of users, computing power and support levels.
ARIS ExpressSoftware AGWindows (and Linux, Mac unofficially)BPMN 2.0Y2009-07-282014-05-28Freeware (registration needed)
BiZZdesign ArchitectBiZZdesignWindowsBPMN 2.0YYYIntegrate with ArchiMate, User collaboration, Support for Collaboration diagrams, BPMN 2.0 XML Export & Import,20122014Proprietary
Bonita BPMBonitasoftWindows, Linux, MacBPMN 2.0YYSupports several formats (read: BPMN, jBPM, Bonita, XPDL; write: Bonita, BPMN2, PNG, JPG, GIF, PDF, BMP, SVG).20012017-04-24[4]GNU GPL[5]
Borland TogetherBorlandWindows, Linux, Mac, Solaris2009-07-04Proprietary/Shareware
BPMN Sketch MinerCross-platformBPMN 2.0YExports to XML/BPMN 2.0, SVG and PNG20192019Freeware
Edraw MaxEdrawSoftCross-platformBPMN 2.0YYY20102015Proprietary
Enterprise ArchitectSparx SystemsWindows, Linux, MacBPMN 2.0YYY20002019-01Proprietary[6]
Flowable ModelerFlowable and the Flowable communityCross-platformBPMN 2.0YYY
Flowable BPMN model snippet
2017-10-13[7]2018-05-22[8]Apache License 2.0[9]
IBM BlueWorks LiveIBMCloud (browser based)BPMN 2.0YProprietary
IBM Rational System ArchitectIBMEnterprise Architecture toolBPMN 2.0+Y2014, SeptemberProprietary
Imixs-BPMNImixsCross-platformBPMN 2.0YY20152017[10]GNU GPL
jBPMRedhatCross-platformBPMN 2.0YY2018-11-07Apache License
LucidChartLucid Software IncCross-platform (browser based)BPMN 2.0Y2011updated twice a monthProprietary - 14-day free trial on team accounts / Free professional accounts for educators and students / Free version
MagicDrawNo MagicWindows, Linux, MacBPMN 2.0Y2007-09-242014-06-02Proprietary/Shareware
Microsoft Visio 2013MicrosoftWindowsBPMN 2.0YRead: MS Visio.

Write: MS Visio, EMF, PDF.

ModelioModeliosoft (SOFTEAM Group)Windows, Linux, MacBPMN 2.0YIncludes BPMN, UML, ArchiMate SysML, Java round trip code generation, documentation, TOGAF, XSD, WSDL.20092019-04-17[11]GNU GPL[12]
OmniGraffleOmni GroupMacY2010Proprietary
Software Ideas ModelerDusan RodinaWindows, LinuxBPMN 2.0Y2009-Aug2017-JanProprietary
SYDLE SEED CommunitySYDLE SystemsCloud (browser based)YY2012-072012-07Freeware
yEdyWorksWindows, Mac, Linux/UnixBPMN 2.0Y2013-03Freeware
NameCreatorPlatform / OSBPMN VersionFeaturesFirst ReleaseLatest ReleaseSoftware license


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BPM Software for Process Management, Quality Management and Workflow Management. The process module enables the simple creation and publication of process maps, process diagrams, process descriptions, and documents. Process modelling with the BPMN notation and the generation of process descriptions is possible directly using a browser.

The Business Process Management Software provides optional modules for measures, tasks, claims, complaints and Audits BPM Software for Business Process Management, BPMN, Quality Management and Workflow Management. CANEA Process helps your organization link documents, databases and applications with clickable processes models which creates an intuitive big picture view for all employees. The system is designed so that business users can quickly make changes to the process maps when needed so that they always reflect the current situation. This makes work smoother but also creates a great foundation for continuous process improvement efforts. CANEA Process makes it easy to map business processes and keep the process models easily accessible and up to date. Established in 2000, we are a group of technology specialists who are passionate about fashion.

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Workflow automation platform automating key business processes. Full end to end solution enabling standard processes and compliance. Bpmonline studio is the intelligent business process management and low-code platform with out-of-the-box solutions and templates that allows medium and large organizations to easily manage and optimize business processes.

The award winning BPM engine provides all the tools for the full cycle of process management: design, execution, monitoring and analysis. Processes of any complexity, branched or parallel, can be modelled and run in bpm`online. Intelligent business process management and low-code platform with out-of-the-box solutions and templates.

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