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Geogaddi is the second album by Scottish electronic music duo Boards of Canada, released in February 2002. It has a darker sound than its predecessor, Music. The Last Unexplored Area of Boards of Canada author Joe Sato, Nakamoto Hiroyuni publication Buzz date 2002/03 issue 31. Marcus coined the word Geogaddi, a.

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This is second major release, following, which in it of itself was an amazing release. It is not common you will see a certain artist praised over a release, only to surpass that release in almost every aspect a few years later. Is something I highly recommend listening to all the way through before anything else.

This album is a perfect example of how order in music can make or break an album. Many of the songs here will transition into one another making for a fantastic experience where the album feels more like an hour long mix, rather than individual tracks where songs stop and begin. This is something did but is where they mastered it. This album has many underlying themes and some were seen as very controversial. As user genocyber said 'not sure why this album gets such a bad rep.maybe its because of the satanism references?' There are several of these satanic references in the album but most will go ignored unless you dig deep into every track. Michael and Marcus have stated before that their music isn't necessarily intended to be listened to on drugs and that they believe that music is the drug.

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I think represents this the best. If you haven't listened to this album in its entirety yet (or even at all!) I highly recommend it.