Auto Slow Cooker Instruction Manual

Instruction Manual Slow Cooker Crockery Pot Glass Lid with Handle Structure of your appliance: 1. Glass Lid with Handle. Slow Cooker Handles. Crockery Pot. Slow Cooker Body. • Place the slow cooker on a flat, dry surface. • Remove any promotional labels or stickers. • Remove the crock pot and glass lid.

Here are guidelines for doubling or tripling ingredients:. When preparing dishes with beef or pork in a larger unit, browning the meat in a skillet before adding to the slow cooker yields the best results; the meat will cook more evenly. Roasted meats, chicken, and turkey quantities may be doubled or tripled, and seasonings adjusted by half. Caution: Flavourful spices such as garlic and chili powder will intensify during long slow cooking. Add just 25 to 65 percent more spices as needed to balance the flavours.Note: You may also want to refer to Cooking Tips in the Hints & Tips Section of the web-site.

When preparing a soup or a stew, you may double all ingredients but liquids, seasonings, and dried herbs. Increase liquid volume by half, or as needed. The slow cooker lid collects steam, which condenses to keep foods moist and maintain liquid volume.

Do not double thickeners, such as cornstarch, at the beginning. You may always add more thickener later if needed.Note: You may also want to refer to Cooking Tips in the Hints & Tips Section of the web-site.

When preparing baked goods or cheesecakes, it is best to simply prepare the original recipe as many times as needed to serve more people. Do I need to do anything special to prepare the slow cooker for cleaning?

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I have dug out a Swan auto slow cooker which we got as a wedding present many moons ago and which I haven't used for donkeys' years- don't know why as it is very good, but now I cannot remember how the settings work and, of course, I don't have the instructions. There are three settings.

Auto Slow Cooker Instruction Manual

Auto, low and high. I have fried a small joint of pork and some veggies and put them in the casserole dish and covered and put it on setting Auto, ten mins later I can feel from touching it that it works at least, as it is already quite hot. I don't need the meal till tomorrow lunch time, so about 24 hours away, so should I put it on the low setting?

Alternatively I will check on it every now and then and switch it off tonight if necessary and then put it on before going to work tomorrow morning for a few hours. Any suggestions? My pleasure piaczka. My slow cooker also cooks fairly quickly, considering it's supposed to be slow.

I absolutely love it though. It's also really good for cooking whole chickens if you're not concerned about the skin being crispy, falls right off of the bone. That's how I make my Moroccan lemon chicken. My next slow cooking experience is going to be injecting pork with a mix I got, covering it with spices and slow cooking til it falls apart, then serving with Mexican fry bread. I keep forgetting to get the pork out of the freezer but I'll be doing so some time soon. Must try making the Morroccan chicken the way you mention, sashac.

I use a real tagine dish to make that chicken with preserved lemons but I have watched documentaries where they show the cooks making it in different, more practical, saucepans before serving it in the tagine dish to make it look more impressive. Will try it that way some time now that I have unearthed my slow cooker:) Thanks Anonimo for that link. Considering the first three chili ingredients mentioned are completely new to me (and most probably unavailable in Poland) I might have to pass up on that one, but enjoy your birria!

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