Australian Standard As 5601 Gas Installations

This joint Australian/New Zealand standard was prepared by joint Technical Committee AG-006, Gas Installations. It was approved on behalf of the Council of Standards Australia on 12 August 2013 and on behalf of the Council of Standards New Zealand on 13 August 2013. This standard was published on 16 September 2013.

Health & safety A recently released draft amendment to the caravan installation code seeks to standardise compliance plate requirements across New Zealand and Australia. The two proposed changes are:. A change to the warning labels that will need to be applied near cookers. Introducing a new requirements for the placement of a Gas Compliance Plate when gasfitting. This will indicate if it's a new installation or an alteration, and will identify the caravan, the gasfitting certification number and the gasfitter certifying the installation.

There are no immediate plans to make this requirement part of the regulatory regime in New Zealand, but Energy Safety believes this will provide a way for consumers to be able to determine the compliance of their vehicle. To comment on the draft standard, head to the. You will need to register to the website to have full access to the draft. The current gas installation standard for caravans and boats is AS/NZS 5601 (Part 2).

This Joint Australian/New Zealand Standard was prepared by Joint Technical Committee AG-006, Gas Installations. It was approved on behalf of the Council of Standards Australia on 17 November 2010 and on behalf of the Council of Standards New Zealand on 10 December 2010. This Standard was published on 23 December 2010. Standards are living documents which reflect progress in science, technology and systems. To maintain their currency, all Standards are periodically reviewed, and new editions are published.

Australian Standard As 5601 Gas Installations

Between editions, amendments may be issued. Standards may also be withdrawn. It is important that readers assure themselves they are using a current Standard, which should include any amendments which may have been published since the Standard was purchased.

Detailed information about joint Australian/New Zealand Standards can be found by visiting the Standards Web Shop at or Standards New Zealand web site at and looking up the relevant Standard in the on-line catalogue. For more frequent listings or notification of revisions, amendments and withdrawals, Standards Australia and Standards New Zealand offer a number of update options. For information about these services, users should contact their respective national Standards organization. We also welcome suggestions for improvement in our Standards, and especially encourage readers to notify us immediately of any apparent inaccuracies or ambiguities.

Please address your comments to the Chief Executive of either Standards Australia or Standards New Zealand at the address shown on the back cover. © Standards Australia Limited/Standards New Zealand All rig hts are res erv ed. No part of thi s wor k may be re prod uced or copi ed in any for m or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, without the written permission of the publisher, unless otherwise permitted under the Copyright Act 1968 (Australia) or the Copyright Act 1994 (New Zealand).

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Jointly published by SAI Global Limited under licence from Standards Australia Limited, GPO Box 476, Sydney, NSW 2001 and by Standards New Zealand, Private Bag 2439, Wellington 6140 ISBN 978 0 7337 9742 2 Originated in Australia as AS 5601/AG 601—2000. Previous Australian edition AS 5601—2004. Originated in New Zealand as NZS 5261:1996.

Previous New Zealand edition NZS 5261:2003. Jointly revised and redesignated AS/NZS 5601.1:2010.