Arturia V Collection 4 V4.0.2-R2R

Purchase V Collection 4 here: In this extended episode of Playing With, we take a look at the best collection of vintage synths & keys on the market. The fourth edition of Arturia’s award winning V Collection series. What you get is 13 incredible products including Synths: Mini V, CS80V Jupiter 8V, Modular V, ARP 2600 V, Wurlizter V, Prophet V, Oberheim SEM V, Matrix 12V, Solina V, Vox V.

A Utility Intrument: Analog Lab and a Sampler/Sequencer: Spark 2. All instruments are perfect emulations of the original with massive capabilities and incredible sound quality. Kick back and enjoy the ride, then afterwards, grab your copy at for only $399 USD. Join CMA: YouTube: Twitter: FB: G+.

Mar 22, 2018 - Arturia V Collection 6 v6 0 2-R2R:: Category: VSTi + Fx, Size: 4.29 GB. Arturia V Collection 4 v4 0 2-R2R VSTi + Fx, 1.41 GB,.

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