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Synopsis: Komalavalli, a young girl, runs away from her caring mother Hamsavalli, believing her to be a promiscuous woman. She ends up in the hands of the scheming constable Arumugam who has an axe to grind with mother and daughter. Review: There is a dated feel to almost everything in Apple Penne, right from the plot to the filmmaking, the dialogues and yes, even the central cast which includes Roja and Suresh (who were stars in the early 90s). The film is about a mother’s infinite love for her daughter, who, strangely, thinks of her mom as a promiscuous woman. How the daughter arrives at this opinion and how she finally sees the real face of her mom are told by means of a foggy script that is further made murky by the juvenile scenes. So, we have Komalavalli (Aishwarya), a young girl, who decides to become a nun as she doesn’t want men to gaze at her with intentions of sex. She runs away from her mother Hamsavalli (Roja), who runs a road-side eatery, and who she believes is a loose woman.


Yodot rar repair torrent. In the process, she only manages to run into men like constable Arumugam (a miscast Thambi Ramaiah), who, having been publicly humiliated by the girl and her mom at an earlier instance, wants to get his revenge by taking her to his house and later sending a rowdy to rape her! Meanwhile, the director also finds the time to include sleazy item numbers and cringe-worthy romantic sub-plots for both mother and daughter!