Apache Poi Example Word Template

Welcome to Apache POI Tutorial. Sometimes we need to read data from Microsoft Excel Files or we need to generate reports in Excel format, mostly for Business or Finance purposes. Java doesn’t provide built-in support for working with excel files, so we need to look for open source APIs for the job. When I started the hunt for Java APIs for excel, most of the people recommended JExcel or Apache POI. After further research, I found that Apache POI is the way to go for following main reasons. There are some other reasons related to advanced features but let’s not go into that much detail.

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Backing of Apache foundation. JExcel doesn’t support xlsx format whereas POI supports both xls and xlsx formats. Apache POI provides stream-based processing, that is suitable for large files and requires less memory.

Table of Contents. Apache POI Apache POI provides excellent support for working with Microsoft Excel documents. Apache POI is able to handle both XLS and XLSX formats of spreadsheets.

This page provides Java code examples for org.apache.poi.xwpf.usermodel. GetAbsolutePath()); XWPFDocument document = new XWPFDocument(fis); List paragraphs = document. Data(); data.read(dataFile); // now open the word file and apply the changes try (InputStream is = new.

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Apache Poi Example Word Template

Some important points about Apache POI API are:. Apache POI contains HSSF implementation for Excel ’97(-2007) file format i.e XLS.

Apache POI XSSF implementation should be used for Excel 2007 OOXML (.xlsx) file format. Apache POI HSSF and XSSF API provides mechanisms to read, write or modify excel spreadsheets. Apache POI also provides SXSSF API that is an extension of XSSF to work with very large excel sheets. SXSSF API requires less memory and is suitable when working with very large spreadsheets and heap memory is limited. There are two models to choose from – event model and user model.

Event model requires less memory because the excel file is read in tokens and requires processing them. User model is more object oriented and easy to use and we will use this in our examples. Apache POI provides excellent support for additional excel features such as working with Formulas, creating cell styles by filling colors and borders, fonts, headers and footers, data validations, images, hyperlinks etc. Apache POI Maven Dependencies If you are using maven, add below Apache POI dependencies. Copy Random data::1.0 Random data::2.0 Random data::3.0 Random data::4.0 Country List India::IND, Afghanistan::AFG, United States of America::USA, Anguilla::AIA, Denmark::DNK, Dominican Republic::DOM, Algeria::DZA, Ecuador::ECU Apache POI Example – Write Excel File Writing excel file in apache POI is similar to reading, except that here we first create the workbook.

Then set sheets, rows and cells values and use FileOutputStream to write it to file. Let’s write a simple apache POI example where we will use list of countries from the above method to save into another file in a single sheet. Thank you very much for tutorial.

I am having same type of application where POI and POI-OOXML are used together. But when I deploy them in Maven environment, I get these errors: Caused by: org.osgi.framework.BundleException: Uses constraint violation. Unable to resolve resource com.icg.isg.returns.VendorReturnsTranslator com.icg.isg.returns.VendorReturnsTranslator 327(R 327.0) because it is exposed to package ‘org.apache.poi.ss.usermodel’ from resources wrapmvnorg.apache.poipoi-ooxml3.15 wrapmvnorg.apache.poipoi-ooxml3.15 325(R 325.0) and wrapmvnorg.apache.poipoi3.15 wrapmvnorg.apache.poipoi3.15 324(R 324.0) via two dependency chains. Thanks For your Reply Pankaj. I have another doubt. In a case Cell.CELLTYPENUMERIC:, i have multiple cells to check. So i have written seperate if condition for each cell.

I used cell.getStringCellValue.trimfor getting the value. First if condition is only for first cell.Second if condition is only for second cell.Like that rest of the if conditions.No else statementis included. My doubt is that, when we move from one if condition to another, will the cells also gets incremented using cellIterator.next.

Or else do I have to increment the cell after every if condition?