Android Usb Serial Monitor Lite Source Code

Here it is the source code, just two java source code files 🙂 Disclaimer: If you are looking for a serial terminal for Android, DroidTerm is what you need, this is just a quick example An overall description of how it works.

Hereby the situation: I'm working on a Android Tablet that must work in mode. Reason why is because the tablet can't provide enough power to perform the communication with a Serial USB microcontroller and remain charging it's battery. In order to achieve a successful communication, I must be able to set a few serial conditions for Modbus/RTU. Serial Port Address (i.e.

COM1, COM2.). Baud Rate (19200 bps). Data Bits (8).

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Android Usb Serial Monitor Lite Source Code

Stop Bits (1). Parity (None) An excellent example in Delphi would be. A good guidance would be UART Meanwhile, I've found some useful projects but they were intended to work on Host mode. I'm looking for any valuable information, guidance and references on how should I proceed to create an Android Application that can communicate with Serial USB. How can I achieve this? Note: I'm using Android Studio.