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Andrew's Pitchfork is a technical indicator is underused in the currency markets, but it can help you isolate profitable opportunities. Andrews Pitchfork by IzaTrade: This semi-automatic expert advisor is a great assistant for traders who trade on the basis of drawing Andrews' Pitchfork. The EA is activated when a.

The Andrew’s Pitchfork Strategy, also known as the Pitchfork tool is a rather unique trading tool that is widely used among price action traders. Developed by Alan Andrews and Roger Babson, the Median line or Pitchfork is based on Newton’s laws of physics, most importantly the tenet which states that prices which are in motion tend to react and move in the opposite direction when acted upon by external forces.

The Median line tool is basically built on the principles of trend lines and is used to dissect a parallel trend line, thus giving rise to the famed pitchfork pattern. In order to understand how to trade with Andrews’ Pitchfork, traders should first understand how to plot or use the median line tool. Claim Your $60 No Deposit Bonus Here All you need is to have your live account verified!

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Andrew’s PitchFork Strategy – How to Set it Up! Traders need to locate three reference points on the charts, or pivots.

High – Low – High or Low – High – Low in consecutive waves. Once these pivot or reference points are established (which can be highs and lows of price) the Median line is projected accordingly.

The following charts illustrate an upward rising median line and a falling median line. Falling Pitchfork, drawn by connecting High-Low-High Rising Pitchfork, drawn by connecting Low-High-Low As shown in the above two charts, once the Median lines are dawn, the next step is to look at the rules defined by Dr. Andrew’s PitchFork Strategy Trading Rules Dr.

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