Airtel 3G Modem Driver Download

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In this post, we will share the dashboard for ZTE modems. We are providing here join air and 3connect dashboard for your modem. Users who do not want to change the firmware of his modem, but want to change the dashboard, can use this.

Just extract ISO using power ISO or any another software. These dashboards provide the facility of phone calls, SMS, and USSD option. Through USSD one can check data balance of the internet. Many dashboards of ZTE does not provide these facilities in his modem.

So, that users who have 3G dongle of ZTE and there is no facility of phone calls, SMS, and USSD, will be benefited.

Airtel modem software download

Airtel Usb Modem Driver, free airtel usb modem driver software downloads. Available in this download is the current modem driver for 3Com modems bought before.