Adobe Page Setup Margins Greyed Out

Click the “Page Setup” button. Caption america hindi hollywood movie download 2017. If your printer supports borderless printing, the Margins section of the dialog box will be editable; change each margin setting to “0” and click “OK.” 3.

Adobe Page Setup Margins Greyed Out
I print manuals by duplex with a HP 4200 LaserJet duplex printer. My manuals are sized to fit U.S. legal paper. One book page equals one half horizontal legal paper (h = 8.5 inches w = 7 inches).
I have not figured out how to make seperate facing pages which add up to the proper size for the printer/pages combo operating in custom sizes. Adobe In Design and Pagemaker before that refers to this size as half-legal facing pages.
I am attempting to change over to Apple Pages only because Adobe has succeded in designing a GUI huge enough to be a jerky scroll when viewing type, even on a 1 ghz machine. I like Adobe and have used it for years but I do not want to be part of the law which says GUI designers use up machine space and speed faster than chip designers can invent chips.
Can anyone help me move from Adobe to Apple by solving this? I would use A-5 size paper but the margin at the spine is larger, where the manual is cut and glued. Thus it depends on whether the page ends up right or left after imposition.
I'm somewhat surprised Apple doesn't include a page imposition routine. Especially considering that Adobe's main imposition plug-in supplier is now owned by it's arch rival, Quark. It seems odd that to make a book on Adobe one must rely on Quark. Adobe's lack of imagination and its gargantuan GUI makes me want to move from Adobe to Apple, if possible.
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iMac, Mac OS X (10.4.4), 712 MB of something or other

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This instructable explains how to use Adobe Acrobat XI to create a multi-page letter sized PDF file from image files where each image is resized to fit the page but with a consistent margin around each image. You may have a need to compile a series of images for someone to print on a printer, and you may want to scale those images to fill the page but still leave a margin to prevent parts of the images near the edge of page from being cropped by the printer. Or you may just want to leave margins for the user to write notes or to punch holes in the pages before putting them in in a binder. The problem is there is no obvious way to set page margins when creating a PDF file within Acrobat. When you go to the page setup dialog box in Acrobat, the page margin settings are greyed out (see above). Because of this limitation in Acrobat, what should be very simple now becomes a multistep process.

This instructable will show you the trick to set page margins, but it assumes you are OK with left/right margins the same size and top/bottom margins the same size. After clicking Add from the previous step you will see the Add Custom Paper Size dialog box shown above.

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By default, the fields show the values for a standard letter size page. You now need to create a smaller size page to 'print' to. But how small? That depends on what size margins you want for your final letter sized PDF output.

For example, if you print to a custom sized page of 7.5” x 10” you will be able to ultimately create a letter sized PDF with half inch margins all around each image. If you print to a custom sized page of 6.5” x 10” you will be able to create a letter sized PDF with half inch margins on the top and bottom but 1” margins on the left and right sides of each image. Let’s try the first option to create half inch margins all around.