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Anil Vats ji - A Famous Indian Astrologer also provides online services. For best Online Astro or Jyotish services visit our website and send us your query now. Anil Vats and other Astrologers Fights on Star news. Indian astrologers are predicting violence and turmoil across the world as a result of this week's total solar.

Rajesh Chopra Anil Vats controversy at Star news Articles from Rajesh Chopra Editor in Chief - [email protected] Rajesh Chopra. LiveIndia.Com Rajesh Chopra Anil Vats controversy at Star news The never ending debate between the astrologers and the scientists did not cease to exist and hence nothing was concluded even after the completion of the second part of their debate where it was evident that the scientists once again gave their best shots to thwart the ideas of astrologers and impose their thoughts over them. What surprises me is the fact that they did not even care about our countries esteemed Prof. Yashpal Sharma. Mr Sanal succeeded in proving that he can cross any limits to prove his point ignoring the fact that he could also be wrong at times. The programme telecasted on 15th january 2010 reached its end at around 5 or 6 p.m.

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At around 10 pm Chief editor of Mr Rajesh Chopra confirmed through his sources that the predictions made by Acharya Anil Vats were absolutely correct. At around 10.15 pm he informed Anil Vats ji of the same through an SMS wherein he clearly mentioned that the news was confirmed through some sources. Anil Vats ji forwarded this message to some of his peers. And one amongst those peers in turn forwaded this message to Mr Sanal. The very first line of the message which Mr Rajesh Chopra had sent said 'Your predictions are absolutely correct'. Any intelligent man can easily comprehend that such a mesage can obviously be written only and only after hearing the predictions made. But ignoring the 'obvious sense' that the message made, Respected Sanal ji created a ruckus out of it.

He claimed that Mr Anil Vats predicted whatever Mr Chopra messaged him during the show and it was not the actual predictions made by Mr Anil Vats. The OBVIOUS point that strikes my mind is if Mr Chopra had informed Mr Anil Vats about everything, then why would he message him again? Mr Sanal is just finding some very lame methods to present Acharya Anil Vats as a falsifier. Mr Chopra nowhere claimed that what he messaged was inevitably correct. He just passed on a piece of information that he received through his souces. He did not involve media anywhere. Mr Sanal himself acquainted the media with this news.

Acharya Anil Vats Software

Mr Sanal also claimed that astrologers infuse superstitions in the mind of people. Though its not the job of all astrologers, yet i have a point. Under the belief of superstitions people are reluctant in doing many sins that they could have done otherwise.

Superstitions dont always harm the society. It induces people to bring out the innate goodness hidden in them. It induces people to help the poor and the needy and feed hungry animals. It brings out a true human out of every being which science has killed with time.

What astonishes me is the idleness of such scientists and how can they realy spare out so much time for such activities? If they really are so much concerned for the well being of the society then instead of flittering away their time, they must try to find some solutions to the basic problems of our country. Poverty today is kiiling millions everyday. Such are the issues that require the attention of our learned society who today are killing their time and focusing on media gimmick.

They are merly wasting their efforts, such efforts which could have changed lives of many. They should divert their efforts to that class of society for whose welfare they studied so much and reached at a position where they are today. Rajesh Chopra Editor in Chief of