Access Musical Fountain Software

Controlidor® software is developed by specialists in Fountain Engineering to. The fountain can be done from anywhere in the world, through access to our server. Fountain so that the light can change to the rhythm of the music automatically,. ACCESS 4.5 Software Manual ACCESS is a 4th generation Windows based program written specifically for the control of fountains. Used in backyard projects, Broadway musicals and numerous international musical show fountains, the software can easily control hundreds of variable or switched devices to a fraction of a second and.

. Include DMX electronics needed and touchscreen PC to rule the dancing or musical fountain. With the software you can set the synchronization between water features, and musical choreography. Possibility to program remotely, enabling a secure internet connection. Allows communication between the software and the equipment to be controlled by a single cable, greatly reducing the wiring inside the dancing fountain. We control all elements of the music fountain, either individually or in sets, thanks to the DMX protocol. Additional services for your Water Show In SafeRain we understand the complexity of water entertainment industry and the difficulties that many of our customers are facing when designing and implementing these projects.

That is why we offer the following additional services:. 1. Virtualizing your dancing fountain in 3D. With our technology we are able to show the performance of the music fountain and, if you wish, we can recreate with 3D the location and urban elements of the environment where the fountain will be set. Setting the stage for the musical fountain If desired, we can define the logical scenario for your dancing water fountain configuring your software for, when you get to the Control Panel, the equipment has already defined the physical elements that forms your music fountain. In addition, each component of the musical fountain show is already configured with his DMX channel and address, to facilitate subsequent water show settings. Setting up the musical show It consists of defining within software, the dance of the different sets of water and lights to the beat of music.

You can do yourself the software set up, or ask us to configure your musical fountain show.

Musical fountains and animated fountains are a specialty of Atlantic Fountains.

From the design of the first personal computer choreographed musical fountain in 1980, our experience extends from small residential fountains through large corporate and municipal centerpieces and custom show fountains of all sizes. Spider man 2 full movie in hindi free download mp4.

We are an accomplished projects company and can design to any scale or budget.

The design needs of musical and animated fountains are in our planning section.

See also our: ACCESS musical control software.


  • Other than a fill and drain, prefab systems require NO PLUMBING!
  • Musical retrofit kits for existing pools. Controls start at $995. This includes small kit packages with pumps, lights and nozzles
  • Complete prefab kits: 3-20 foot prefab pools (indoor and outdoor models), ask us to configure a system for your needs
  • Custom musical fountains and retrofit projects - residential through large commercial show fountains

Musical Fountains

NOTE: As our new site comes on line we will be rebuilding this list of quick links into the many dozens of musical projects across our site.

Portable Musical Bowl Fountain
(94 inch model)
8 Pumps
6 high power LED
8 surround LED
Variable speed pump, DMX LED lighting.ACCESS 3.0
2 125hp pumps
112 70W LED fixtures
Sprays up to 90 feet
Pneumatic ValveACCESS 3.0
19 pumps and fixturesVariable speed pump, DMX 70W LED lighting.ACCESS 3.0
26 Pumps, 2 Laminars
28 LED Fixtures
Variable speed pump, DMX LED lighting.ACCESS 3.0
Musical city fountain
48 Pumps 112 Fixtures
Variable speed pump and light dimmers.PC/ACCESS
Bridgewater Falls20 Foot Musical
12 punps 20 LED color changing fixtures
Var speed pump/ LEDPC/ACCESS
Musical mall fountain
27 Pumps 68 Fixtures
Variable speed pump and light dimmers. DMX LED lighting.PC/ACCESS
Musical Fountain and Animated Entry FeatureVariable speed pump and light dimmers.PC/ACCESS
Floating Musical Ftns.
11 pumps, 15,360W lgts
480 Watt audio amps
Variable speed pump and light dimmers.PC/ACCESS
20 pumps
20 lights 10,000 Watts
500 Watt audio amps to 30 speakers
Variable speed pump and light dimmers.PC/ACCESS
Heavy water display fountain. (4) 550 GPM pumps w/3 color lightsVariable speed pump and light dimmersPC/ACCESS
Broadway musical
3 pumps, 25 nozzles
Underwater, stage and strobe lighting
Variable speed pump and high speed proportional valves.PC/ACCESS
Large 160 foot musical performance fountain with 47 pumps and 50,000 Watts of lightVariable speed pumpPC/ACCESS
Commercial amenity
30 foot main pool with 14 foot side pools
28 pumps 76 lights
Variable speed pump
Dichroic lighting
Zero grade design
37 pumps, fiber optic with programmed color
Variable speed pump
PC controlled fiber optics


Residential musical ftn
6 Nozzle pumps
2 Waterfall pumps
6 Red/Grn/Blu lights
Variable speed pump
Color changing lgts
30 foot musical fountain
28 pumps
65,000 Watts of light
Variable speed pumpPC/ACCESS
30 foot dia musical fountain. 25,000 WattsHydraulic proportional valvesPC/ACCESS
6 foot dia portable trade show fountainPulse modulated solenoid valvesMIDI & PC
80 foot free form stainless pools and streams. Granite hardscape.Pneumatic proportional valvesPC/ACCESS
City of AlhambraShopping mall amenity
16 pumps, 18 lights
Variable speed pumpPC/ACCESS
Ivy House Wedding Gardens
10 pumps, 3 lightsVariable speed pumpPC/ACCESS
Musical Display - England8 channel (?)Prop pump & lightACCESS-R
Musical Fountain Renovation -Russia44 channelProp pump & lightPC/ ACCESS
Bedford Funeral HomeEntry featureProp pump & lightPC/ACCESS
JP Casino - Venezuela3 pools w/color lightsProp pump & lightPC/ ACCESS
Wittie ResidenceBackyard FountainProp pump & lightPC/ACCESS
Chinese Restaurant - TXCorner garden poolProp pump & lightPC/ACCESS
Enchanted ForestRenovation of old ftnSSR + dimmersPC/ACCESS
Animated Fountains
Restoration of one of the first Electric FountainsMotor driven valvesPC / ACCESS
City CenterStaircase fountain with laminar jumping jets and popping jetsVariable speed pumps and switched nozzle controlsPC/ ACCESS
Laminar jumping jetsSwitched relaysPC/ ACCESS
Zero grade fountain with multiple rising and falling water jets.Pulse width modulated pump & light controlPLC
St Francis40 lighting & valve control channelsSwitched Valves
Proportional Lights
Zero grade fountain with high speed proportional jets.Pneumatic proportional valvesPC/ACCESS
Atlantic Showroom4 pumps in two pools
Indoor: 3 x 200 Watt
Outdoor: 9 x 50 Watt
Variable speed pump
200W PAR46 lamps
50W low voltage MR-16 color dichroic
10ft fiberglass pool,
with 8 pumps
Variable speed pumpPC/ACCESS
Aquavator FountainSix foot dia. Aquavator Fountain with Bursting Stars nozzleVar. pump & lightPC/ACCESS
Water Switch VideoSee Nozzle pageFluidic SwitchPLC or PC
Vetter Residence6 channelSwitched valvesPLC
Gibbs Memorial Fountaincustom zerogradeVariable speed pumpPC/ACCESS
Binks Entry Feature8 channel popjetSwitched valvesPLC
Numerous residential leap frog kits4 & 8 channelSwitched valvesPLC