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Lumion 8 crack is an application designed by Lumion3D for architects, Engineers and some Professional Photographers for making designs and 3D simulations. Not everyone understands the lines and columns but when a design is brought to the 3D level, everyone can see and understand clearly. The application that makes this possible is Lumion 8. It is the latest of the Lumion to be released and comes with up-to-date features to make rendering super-fast and seamless. Lumion 8 crack is free for you!

Why Lumion 8.5 crack? This version mimics the real-life status of the object by bringing out the roughness and edges as it would be seen naturally. As comprehensive as Lumion 8 pro is not complicated.

If you can follow simple instructions, you wouldn’t find its usage difficult. Screenshot Major Features. Its 3D models are built in natural ways. That is, they are real.

The package can create a movie from the 3D images it has rendered. Its 3D rendering is very fast.

Material levels have been enhanced. Contains tools for decorating. Builds roadmaps, garden maps, maps for towers, and other features. Designs layouts and shapes for a vehicle, a feature mechanical engineers would like. Over 172 exotic objects included to tweak media.

Previous features now come in various sizes and shapes. System Requirements for Lumion 8. Operating System: Windows 10 (only 64-Bits), Vista (must be SP2), 7, 8.1. Memory: Not less than 20GB should be free on hard disk. DX: v11 or a later one.

Display Resolution: at least 1600 by 1080 Lumion 8 Crack? You can get the crack here and follow the simple steps below to access its full features without paying a dime. Here are the steps:. For a start, download the crack version here. Open the folder and extract the installer.

Install the crack in so much way as you would install any other app. Substitute the file folder with C:/programs. The process is complete and you’re set to enjoy it! Pros. The powerful and great rendering tool is very easy to use. You don’t need some complex tutoring to use it. Its rendering speed is incredibly fast.

This is a great advantage if you are on a deadline. If there are items you need that you can’t find in the environment, you can get it from its online source.

It presents excellent opportunity for presentations. Excellent customer support. Once contacted, the customer service section takes time to address all issues in detail. Rendered images can be exported into videos for viewing pleasure.

It doesn’t require much system resources for installation. Again, its installation process is quite easy. Cons.

Renderings of it are not hyper-real. The best you can get is a make-up via its filter feature to add some “flavors” to it. Its undo feature is limited. In fact, in some earlier versions, undoing a process is totally impossible. Its interface has been termed childish.

Though easy to use, it’s quite unattractive. Again, it takes time to run.

Howbeit, it renders very fast. When exporting to Video, it consumes lots of space on the hard disk. Lumion 8 Alternatives It’s good you are aware Lumion is not the only software available for rendering. Here are some alternatives you may wish to try out.

Blender: also used for creating 3D contents. Its free and open source. Cinema 3D: works on different platforms and essentially used commercially. If you need a high-end rendering, you may wish to check it out. Sketchfab.

Twinmotion: primarily meant for architects. It was even designed by an architect.

MODO. iClone: freemium and offers animations in real-time. LightWave: accessible to both Mac and Windows users and it’s a commercial tool. This means it isn’t free. Cheetah 3D: very fast but only available on MacOS. Structure Synth: It works on most platforms – Mac, Linux, and Windows and it produces very excellent 3D images. CorelCAD: your 2D designs can easily be transformed into 3D with this tool.

It has the advantage of being affordable too. Bring Your Architectural Designs to Life with the Lumion 8 Pro Crack Replicating a structural vision into a graphic representation is imperative to an architect. For the longest time, one computer aided design software after the other, a variety of architectural tools were offered to architects, but each software missed one important tool or another. This vacuum and lack of an all-rounded computer aided design software had been a major obstacle for architects all over the world. Lumion 8 pro has resolved this gap for all architects. Lumion 8 pro allows you to clearly communicate your architectural designs. If you are used to the old school hand drawing, Lumion 8 pro includes the hand drawn outline feature as well.

Architects can make their architectural vision come to life by softening the hard edges of their created structures too. They can do the same for furnishings and use the tilt shift to simulate a maquette. When you are content with what you have created, you can then render crystal clear videos in 4K resolution! The designers of Lumion 8 pro have taken into consideration even the minor challenges that architects may face when designing a structure.

If you have trouble picking one of the multiple objects, Lumion 8 Pro allows you to set different options next to each other so you can decide which one you prefer with variation control effect. Professionals love using Lumion 8 pro primarily because it can render incredibly realistic building interiors as well as exteriors. They can even create luscious sceneries and landscapes containing hundreds of trees. They can also animate humans that interact with the created models. Proposing potential architectural designs to clients has been made a lot better and easier using Lumion 8 pro. Not only is the usage of Lumion 8 pro very quick, but it also renders high quality designs.

People often forget to realize they are not watching a real life video, because the visuals are intricately detailed, life like, textured, and smoothly animated. In the abundance of computer aided design softwares, there are plenty of superficial factors that sets Lumion 8 pro apart from the rest. Let’s take a look at a few of them 1. Lumion 8 pro is easy to use Computer aided design software are generally not easy to use. Most of them are complex and require a bit of practice before one gets comfortable using them. Lumion 8 pro features a basic interface that allows users to use it without any difficulty.

Lumion 8 pro feels more like a video game than a specialized industry software which is a rare commodity in the computer aided design market. Most computer aided design softwares require technical knowledge prior to use. While such complex softwares can enhance the technical skills of the user significantly, which can later prove to be helpful in creating incredible designs, what if you don’t have the time to learn everything about the software first? What if you want to visualize what you have been thinking, without expending your limited time on getting to know the software first? Lumion 8 pro comes in handy in such situations because being the user friendly software that it is, Lumion 8 pro let’s you move on to the creating part right away without having you go through the laborious process of learning first.

Unparalleled speed Niche users who have used a number of other computer aided design softwares like Revit’s native rendering or V-Ray know that creating the simplest structures on these softwares can take a great deal of time. Designers typically have to carry out a lot of preplanning when they are rendering.

When it comes to projects with deadlines, using most computer aided design softwares can get very challenging and there is a high chance things go south due to a lack of time. You no longer have to plan days ahead to come up with the finished design in time or risk losing your client due to delay because Lumion 8 pro takes the waiting out of the process.

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Creation can be swift using Lumion 8 pro and it is just a matter of seconds before you produce your final image. Excellent presentations For most architects, the purpose of computer aided design softwares is to be able to bring a visual representation of their idea to the client, trying to make it as real as possible. Often times, clients still have to carry out a great deal of anticipation as to what the project will look like even after you show them the computer aided design rendering. With Lumion 8 pro, you can let the client look at your design from every angle and distance. The client can hover over the environment you created in real time.

This feature has received positive reviews from clients and users because of the numerous ways it lets them view the created model. Wide variety of usable objects One of the reasons Lumion 8 pro creates life like designs is its wide variety of environmental objects that can be used to enhance your renderings. Lumion 8 pro contains an extensive variety of people, cars, plants, and similar objects that can make the exterior or interior of your design realistic. These objects can supplement any design when used correctly.

How to crack Lumion 8 pro for use Before installing Lumion 8 pro, make sure that you fulfill its system requirements. Lumion 8 pro is a powerful software that requires a powerful system. It can only work on Windows Vista, XP, 7, 8 and 8.1. It requires 32 and 64 bit system along with a dual core processor. Additionally, there must be 50 GB of disk space and 10 MB available for memory usage. The system must also be compatible with DirectX 11 and DirectX 12. A decent resolution will be helpful too.

Once you have met these requirements, download the crack and unzip it. Then, copy the crack patch of Lumion 8 pro and paste it into the installation folder. You can then run the crack file to enjoy the full version of Lumion 8 pro. Verdict No doubt, your choice of a rendering software either as an Engineer, Photographer or Architect, would depend on your needs. Such could include time, efficiency and ease of usage. Lumion 8 being the latest, gives you almost anything you need.

It’s fast, efficient and easy to use. You may want to try it out and see for yourself.